Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Easy Steps to Making a Writers Layer

Many of you may not know that I am in nesting mode for my impending delivery! Oooh! Sounds so ominous when I put it that way (LOL). So in response, I have been not only cleaning, cleaning ,cleaning... but I have decided to redecorate my entire house!!!
(Crazy I know! I am told that by family and friends daily).
Of course being on a tight budget I am basically painting, re-organizing, and moving things around. It is quite refreshing actually and really helps those creative juices flowing! Now every time I pass my guest bathroom I just want to stay there. To me it is peaceful, yet invigorating and inspiring. This got me thinking...Why not make a writers layer that is both peaceful and invigorating?!?! Too many of us write in the dark recesses of our rooms and homes. Why not step into the light and paint a small little corner of peace, tranquility and happiness in your home or room with fresh fun colors that will help breathe new life into that dark, cobweb infested writing prison you may find your self begrudgingly going to. Why not want or even have a need to sit in your newly painted, inspiring writers corner?
Here are some easy steps to help you get started:
  1. De-clutter that mess (writing is all in your mind so why not let your mind be free of all that physical clutter. I guarantee the mind clutter will start clear itself up as well and you will feel lighter and ready to write).
  2. Paint something white or a soothing green, blue, or even pink! Valspar has a great pink and green in their spray paint section that I as well as the girl at the register were just drawn to. It made us feel happy! If you do not have an entire room to paint then just paint the desk or writing furniture to help uplift and inspire.
  3. Move all accessories/excesses out! Then bring in a vase, trusty container, etc. on your desk and paint it! Make it fun, pretty and try changing things up!

After you have made these 3 simple changes, watch how you will be drawn to your little writers layer. Excuses will be a thing of the past! Try it and email anoriginalbymaryatbacbelldotnet or post pics to help other writers get inspired to bring their writers layer out of the dark and into the light!


  1. A writer's lair, aye?
    Wow... My idealistic writer's lair is a spacious room built over the garage with natural wood flooring and white flowing curtains with a huge window overlooking the mountains and the sunrise and moon!
    Alas, that is only if we ever strike it rich.
    But for now, my writer's niche is where ever my laptop carries me!

  2. I have a big tack board for maps, diagrams, photographs, charts, and illustrations. I've got a mirror on the wall next to me so I can check facial expressions and ponder on how to describe them. There's also a book shelf for my dictionaries, thesauruses, and my grammar and style books. I've also got a big box full of beautiful blank white office paper. Ah, blank paper! That's all the inspiration I need.



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