Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Almost! by Emily Dickinson --- Guest Blogger Tiffany Pankau

Ok, I just have to let you all know that I have the best sister ever. I told her I thought we needed a guest blogger for today, so she quickly threw this together! Isn't she amazing?


Okay y’all I was reading this wonderful poem the other day by Emily Dickinson, and it touched me. Like so many things in life, poetry is not one of those things that I get too often. But when one speaks to my heart I have to share, so I will share it with you.

WITHIN my reach!
I could have touched!
I might have chanced that way!
Soft sauntered through the village,
Sauntered as soft away!
So unsuspected violet
Within the fields lie low,
Too late for striving fingers
That passed, an hour ago.

I think I will wait to share my thoughts on this poem and allow for y’all to tell us what you think. Leave a comment about this poem, even if the thought is “I have no idea”. We all receive inspiration and sometimes it comes from reading or hearing something that has been written before… be inspired and tell us what you think.
--Tiffany Pankau


  1. Tiffany I think you've been living in the south too long. But, when in France, right??
    So here it goes.
    I'm fixin to tell y'all what I think of this here poem. I think she done went to pick violets, but some critters went there before her and took 'em all. (use your best Jeff Foxworthy impression to get the full affect! LOL!)

  2. Ok, I was just kidding, let me give you my real thoughts. This poem really does speak to me because I feel like I am reaching out toe touch my dreams of being a published writer. I'm so close, it's right before my fingers, but I don't want to give up or I will always say...Almost!!!

  3. I think of the dreams and hopes that I can see and I want for myself. And sometimes I am too afraid or somehow held back from reaching them. Missed opportunities. Or you will regret the things you missed out on.

  4. I love this poem because for me it speaks of missed opportunity, one that I feel when reading that I've missed, too.

    Where did it go? I almost had it, almost here (in my palm), so close, but no, I lost it. It escaped, darn it!

  5. okay so I forgot to get back here and give y'all what this poem spoke to me... so here it goes. When I read this for the first time I thought about the celestrial kingdom and judgement day. When I am judged according to my words, thoughts,and actions will ALMOST! be the words I hear? Will it be "within my reach" "that I could have touched" will I feel "Too late for striving fingers" "that passed an hour ago" I truly hope that I don't get to hear ALMOST! but you may enter...



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