Thursday, August 20, 2009

LDS Publisher Blog

Ok, everyone just a quick side note, there is a contest on LDS Publisher's blog where we can vote for our favorite stories. The winners will be published in a Christmas Story Anthology book. A friend of mine has her story as one of the choices, I can't tell you which story is hers but I can say that I think her story is the funniest one in her category. There are two categories, Published authors, and Unpublished authors. My friend's story is in Published Authors, and there are only 10 stories in that category. The rules for voting are that you can only vote for two stories per category. You have to say in your comment that you are voting for that story. I'm wondering if we have any other MMW's that entered that contest. If so, please leave a note in the comments and tell us what category your story is in so we can be sure to vote. Thanks!!


  1. Thanks Nikki. I have one in the Unpublished category as well if people have time to head over there.



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