Monday, August 17, 2009

Why Write? Why Create?

If you ever find yourself demotivated, depressed or in a writing slump because life and all it's pressures (endless laundry, dishes,cleaning, homework...yeah! The fun stuff to being a mom) and demands make it impossible to practice your talent?

Ask yourself "Why write?"

Why do you do it? I am in great need of changing up my motivating routine! I would love to hear what motivates you! We could all use a little pep in our routine right :)


  1. I don't know what motivates me to write---I just can't stop! I've tried, really, I have, but I always come back to writing in the end.

    Watching a great movie or reading a great book makes me want to write MORE. When I experience excellent storytelling I feel the stories deep inside of me swelling, reaching, wanting to get out.

    And, reading this blog makes me want to write more because you're all so inspiring ;).

  2. "Why Write" That is a very good question. I have asked myself that question very recently. The answer was because I know it's something I can do, and I want to show myself that I can do it well. Because I want to succeed at something I enjoy doing. But mostly the answer was because I want to.

  3. Ack! I feel like a dried up ole thing right now...every since my laptop died on me I have been finding it difficult in creating...
    Other than that, I find writing very invigorating. It is my escape. I just love losing myself in it!

  4. I feel so dry of imagination right now. Ever since my laptop died, I've been feeling out of sorts!
    I need to network with other writers for pep talks! HELP ME!
    I love to write. It helps me to align my sanity with my life. It is a wonderful way of escaping!

  5. I started seriously (as in publishing minded) writing while living in NYC--in a TINY smoke infested apartment, after having a c-section, trying to balance a newborn on top of homeschooling my oldest, adjusting to hardened people, fighting for every little privilege (like keeping my car registered, or my kids on insurance, or refuting the tickets for not recycling) and struggling to keep some semblance of sanity--around an exclusive Jewish neighborhood and exhaustively demanding branch.

    I have to say, "why write?" Because it keeps us sane when otherwise we might curl into a shell of self-pity. Creation is an aspect of godliness. Embrace and be renewed!

  6. I write because it's fun. I need something fun and creative in my life!



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