Monday, August 3, 2009

Live Lighter

I recently read an article in a magazine that listed several ways to lighten your life this summer. Since summer is almost gone I thought we could all use this for the coming months to get us through the drearier months. Here is a list that I plan on going for! What's yours?
Live Lighter:
  1. Paint a room in a soft bright color to brighten your day
  2. Clean out the clutter in one area or two!
  3. Give a little pep to your play list and find something new (Pandora is a free Internet radio that helps you find new music by evaluating your likes of rhythm/tempo and style)
  4. Go on a walk ? times a week and enjoy the world around you (for those living in blazing heat try getting up before the heat really picks up)
  5. Lighten up on sweets (reach for a fruit instead of a high carb/fat food)
  6. Learn a new skill however small (my blog has plenty of fun easy to advanced easy ideas)
  7. Learn a new language, a few phrases or even how to count to 10
  8. Let it go! If you feel someone has offended you or something upsets you, breath deeply and put it into perspective. It really doesn't matter in the eternities!
  9. Loosen up, play a game of hide and seek with the kids, a card game (Sleeping Queens card game is really fun for ages 5+), or dance/sing around silly to your favorite song
  10. Pray more, about the littlest of things too.


  1. Number one of my list is to get rid of all the kids' clothes that they don't wear or are stained so I don't have to wash all those useless items again, and again, and again!!

  2. Great minds think alike! :) LOL! I just had my oldest do that to her closet! I love getting rid of stuff like that :)

  3. What great advice. I'm trying to declutter this summer and take more time to do things with my son. I still haven't tackled that spare bedroom, but it is on my list. (the bottom...LOL) Great post.

  4. I've been edgy these past few days. Thanks for the great ideas on ways to lighten up. I need it!



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