Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The End

I recently read a story the was very enjoyable to read... until the end. It just kind of cut off at the end, without resolving anything. The MC didn't learn anything. I was kind of just left hanging. Has this ever happened to any of you?

My opinion is that it happens all too often! No matter how great a story is, it is only as good as its ending! A horrible ending makes a horrible story, and no ending at all... well, maybe I should have saved my time by never reading the story.

Do any of you struggle with bringing your story full circle? Do you have a hard time with tying up loose ends? What are some stories you've read that really have just a top-notch, shoot off the fireworks, grand finale ending?


  1. I feel the same way about endings. Especially in movies. I don't care how many special effects they have through out, if the ending stinks, I don't like it. I do feel their pain though, because endings are very hard. By the time I get to the end of my stories, I'm so ready for it to be over, that it's really easy to cop out. Either by giving a sappy predictable ending, or by ending abruptly. I am still waiting for the real ending of my story to finally come to me, because I know it's still not quite right yet.

  2. Ack. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from a recently read bad book ending.

    But Austen does a magnificent job with ending. I sing in delight when I'm done reading her.

  3. I've occasionally written a bad ending--just to watch my hubby flinch. =) (I'm so mean.) The better ending is of course in the wings.

    I love a Dickens conclusions where all of the nasties get what they deserve, but my favorite endings are the ones that leave you reeling--like 6th Sense.

  4. Endings for me may be little predicable because of the genre I write for (romance). Boy gets girl, you know? But the twists and turns throughout before that are unexpected.

    There are many of my books in which I am amazed at how the ends tie themselves up. I think I wouldn't be able to do so good of a job with out prayer!

    One thing I don't like are cliff hangers. I love neat endings. I think the authors that do CH just got writer's block!

    Nikki! e-mail me about your ending so we can brainstorm together! I love philosophizing! You can even call me at home, too (email me first)!



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