Monday, August 24, 2009


Many of you may have heard the Relief Society Lesson Yesterday on Adversity. It reminded me, oddly enough, of a movie that I had just seen the night before called The Day the Earth Stood Still. It was about how a group of alien civilizations thought that we were the cause of the destruction of the earth and that because of our unrepentative ways, must be destroyed. The main character tried and tried to convince the alien that we could change but to no avail.
Then, nearing earths impending demise the alien spoke to a mathematician/ philosopher type. He said in so many words that it is only at the precipice that we as a civilization tend to change.(In other words it seems that humans change for the better at the peak of adversity and hardship. We come to that bend in the road and either decide to take the path of unfullfilment and hopelessness or take the road less traveled to progression and happiness.) This still does not convince the alien of our ability to change.
Finally, at the precipice (aka earths destruction) the main character and her step son forgive each other of passed wrongs and hurt feelings. They make amends, say they are sorry and hug each other. Because of this small action, the alien sees that we are able to change and stops the human race from becoming extinct.

It's an odd comparison but when I heard the lesson yesterday I was taken aback. Adversity, whether self inflicted, a natural cause of others bad actions or God given, makes us strong and better people if we so choose. It is not a punishment from God but a blessing to help us for the better.
Remember at the precipice of your adversity you have a choice to make. Let that hardship stifle and poison us or choose to let it lift us to a better path of eternal progression.
You're not alone through adversity. Help is just a prayer away.


  1. I have been humbled by many a trails in my life. I always must keep in mind the eternal perspective of things and remember that 'this too shall pass' and that the Lord is very mindful of me, though, at times, it does not feel like it.
    We can not possibly know the reasons of our trails until we have undergone them.
    I believe it takes a lot of faith to turn to the Lord and say in meek prayer: Thy will be done...
    Thank you for sharing this very special message with us!

  2. My talk on Sun. was on adversity. I did learn alot about it during my research. I too agree that only through hardship can we grow, especially when we apply the principles and tools of the gospel. Living the gospel while we endure our trials helps them to feel lighter. And it also increases our faith, which helps us to face adversity with a stronger resolve. It really is a wonderful cycle. Thanks for your post. Now I'm going to have to see that movie!!



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