Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Dream Comes True!

After much thought and prayer and just weeks before my agent took my book: The Northanger Affect out to NY publishers. ((I bumped Pride & Popularity out, and brought NA up due to the hilarious Jane Austen rewrite of a girl addicted to Twilight theme throughout.)) The Lord reminded me yet, again, to contact Utah's own up and rising Valor Publishing.

Now having just moved my family of 6 1/2 kids from England and settling down in Utah, I was under the impression that I really could've used a large advance, which was the only reason why it took so long to contact Valor in the first place... Yet, deep down I knew that with little or no advance, it meant I would be getting my royalties immediately. Instead of years from now, had a big pub house forked over an advance.

But as of tomorrow, I will signing on with Valor Publishing. And can I just say, that since the very second I hit send on the email, I sent out to their editor Wednesday night, I knew I was doing the right thing. Never had the spirit comfirmed to me so strongly that something was so right.

By Thursday I had an appointment to meet them for lunch on Saturday. By Saturday (yesterday) I walked away knowing as I knew before, that this was where the Lord has needed me and wanted me, with his books, all along.

My release date is set for June 1, 2010--to coincide with the release of Eclipse. I'll be sent on a 21 day/17 city tour to advertise on TV, radio, signings and speaking engagements. It'll be a full schedule. But as they're providing me with a publicist I should be able to keep track of it.

The list goes on and on, with how well they take care of their authors: With Book Trailers, reviews, business cards--even hiring a band for my launch party if I want. LOL! By the way, I'm thinking about doing a Twilight/Jane fangirl bash--what do you think?

Thanks to Christine Bryant (our Staurday MMW writer) who introduced me to the idea of using her publisher months ago, I'm now seeing my dream realized in all the ways I could've hoped--except better!

Yay! To Valor Publishing!


  1. WOO HOO!!! Welcome to the Valor family. Can't wait to meet up with you and chat in person. You're gonna LOVE both the board and the authors of Valor. What a fun bunch of people. Once, again....CONGRATULATIONS!! You're a Valor Girl !!!

  2. Congratulations Jenni! Welcome to the Valor Family!

  3. Yes, Congrats, Jenni! I've been a fan for a while and look forward to reading your work and getting to know you in person. Glad you're going to be a Valor Girl with us!

  4. So exciting. Can't wait to see your book in print.

  5. Congratulations Jenni! I'm glad you found a home for Northanger Affect. Are you still working with your agent? I think you already sold a book through her if I remember right.

  6. Congratulations. That's so great that you were inspired to know what to do.

  7. Thanks for sharing your process of choosing your publisher. I have seen their website and know Karen (hi Karen!!) made this same move and has been happy. Candace is Wonder Woman personified and if she can even infuse a tenth of her electric energy to your projects, your success is guaranteed.



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