Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let Me Have It!

Wow! I've been so busy writing and trying to get my word count up with NaNoWriMo that I completely spaced about posting. So here's the deal. Last week I wrote about what to expect AFTER you're published and the anxiety of being in the public eye. Most of you and those who comment on my personal blog said that giving presentations was the best part and looked forward to it.

So, here's your chance.

Give me a brief explanation of your presentation platform. What message do you want to leave with your audience, both those who read your book and those who listen to you speak. Will you be humorous or serious? Will you use props or just wing it with you and your fans?

Let me have it girls. I'm excited to hear what you've got planned. After all, we know you'll all be published and famous soon, right?


  1. I write for children, so I will do school visits. First, I'll ask them to name all the authors they can think of, by raise of hand. Then I'll ask them to raise their hands if they play an instrument or a sport. I'll ask a few of them how much they practice. Then I'll ask them how much they think professional musicians or sports stars have to practice. I'll tell them that all the authors they thought of had to practice writing, practice it a lot, just like people who play a musical instrument or a sport.

    I have the children help me think of ways they can practice writing, like writing letters, writing stories, keeping a journal, or making up your own newspaper or magazine. Then I talk about how most authors start out by writing articles or stories for magazines. I take ideas from the audience on what we could write for a magazine, then show them how to write a cover letter to go with our submission.

    I finish off by showing them one of my old manuscripts, flipping through it so they can see all the brightly colored ink marks where I decided to make changes. I'll pull out my books, one by one, and say a little something about where I got the idea for each (this is the part where I'm dreaming. I haven't got a book published yet). And then I'll take questions.

  2. wow, Rebecca! I really like that!
    As for me, its something I should work on. My mind goes blank when I think of 'platform'!
    That's something I need to ponder and pray over!



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