Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Writing Sisterhood

Here it is, two nights and two days later Sunday at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge in Park City

and it has been a writer's haven of heaven. I am so very grateful for Karen Hoover's generosity

and love by inviting me along with our most treasured writing group of awesome sisters to come

over so we can reinforce our already strong bonds of friendships by doing what we love best:


My heart is very full as I express my gratitude for my wonderful critique group because we are

so much more than that--we are sisters in Zion who love one another and who build one another

up and who cheer each other on. Talk about major support group. I have to be forthright and

honest, but I wouldn't be where I am right now without them (and I am not referring to Park

City). :) There is a sisterhood here with Mormon Mommy Writers as well, and for that, I am

also grateful--especially with our followers!

Finding that it's a writer's blood life to connect with other writers, how are the dynamics like

with your writing friends and groups?


  1. Fun! I'm jealous. I love Park City. Hope you guys have a blast. It's so nice to have support.

  2. YAY! I'm happy for you too!
    I just got back from an Air Force Recruiting retreat with my hubby--Just today! We were in Jackson Hole Wyoming, at the Snow King resort! LOL! Now I'm all pumped up to recrui people in the Air Force! Anyone game? LOL!

    I love writer's retreats. I'm so glad I'm finally in the states where I can go to them!



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