Friday, November 27, 2009

Review: An Angel on Main Street by Kathi Oram Peterson

My first impression when I first picked up this book was: Is this an inspirational story about a mysterious person doing random acts of kindness?

So I snuggled into bed and turned to the first page and read.

All at once, I was whisked into a boy's world where he struggled with previous life's choices and made the commitment to walk brighter pathways. Suddenly, he is faced with many trials that could possibly lead him into relapses while others believe he has lost his way. It wasn't until I was five pages into the story that I realized that I did not know his name! As soon as that thought hit me, I put the book down, surprised.

Yes, Kathi is that good a writer. I felt as if I knew Micah Conners already without the introduction of his name. I was already drawn into the story, the characters, the setting, the theme. I was hooked.

As I read, I hoped that Micah would make good choices so as to avoid the heartache of consequences that follow from poor decisions. I cheered him when he had the strength to walk away from potentially precarious situations. I wept with him when his heart broke from lost hope. My heart warmed for him when he finally found faith and peace in his shambled world.

I am rather impressed with Kathi's gift of slipping into Micah's head and making him come alive. His emotions and thoughts and feelings remained true and so believable it had me laughing in certain parts and crying in others.

Just as in real life, the closer Micah drew to his goal, the more tangled life became. With the stout heart of a warrior, he fought for his beliefs and grew stronger from them though he felt lost and alone and afraid.

This story is so wrought with faith, courage, and strength, that I am making it a part of my family's Christmas celebration this year.

Kathi is holding fun contest called An Angel in Your Life Contest. The contest ends on December 15th. All you need to do is email her at and share an experience you have had with someone who became an angel in your life! Kathy says "this contest celebrates the selfless, kind acts performed daily, many times unnoticed. If you are like me, many people have helped you through times of trouble. Let's face it, life is tough and the small acts of kindness shown to us by others needs to be remembered and celebrated especially during the holidays. Christmas brings out the best in people and I wanted to give others the opportunity to thank those who have touched their lives in a profound way. Hopefully this contest will remind us of the angels in our lives."

The winner will be announced on her blog. Both the winner and an "Angel" will be given a gift certificate from either Seagull Book or Deseret Book.

Kathy has asked that I share her book trailer with you--I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

So, where does the angel part come into play you ask? Find out for yourself and add this wonderful story to your family Christmas tradition. May this wonderful story warm your heart as it has mine!


  1. very nice review - I may have to chick it out.

  2. What a wonderful story! Thanks so much for telling us all about it. I can't wait to read it.

  3. Eek! Did I reveal too much?
    I hope not!!!
    (worried now)

  4. Great Review Liz, and NO, you didn't reveal too much. It is a great book.

  5. Thank you for reading and reviewing my book. Your comments touched my heart. And no, you didn't reveal too much. :)



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