Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joy in the Journey

I used to think how lucky certain writers were when they signed a contract and became published authors. I would compare myself to them and even murmur, thinking that they had a timely break and hope that I would have an angel swooping down and magically turn me into a published author over night.

I felt forlorn until I took a look at the marketing plan. I thought, wow, of course one would need to work to promote the book to real success!

Since then, I've decided to take one day at a time. I can enjoy the freedom of writing without a deadline--and after doing NaNo (already done my 50K + words), boy I can surely feel the pressure of that.

Why bite my nails and think, "Rats! I want a contract right now! I want my book published right now!" Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Well, I want to be like the tortoise, enjoying every step of the journey and getting there when I get there. Not to rush the Lord's hand in these things.

That's what it boils down to, is trusting the Lord in all things--even in regards to when I will be published.

Tell me how are you enjoying your journey with writing, where ever it may be?


  1. Martine Leavitt said that the best part of publishing a book is writing it.

    The contract, the release date, the book signings - all of that is fine, but it doesn't compare to the joy of of the journey.

  2. Thanks for the good thought! It's so hard to only look to the future, but you've said it very well here.

  3. Hmm, I DO enjoy the journey, but I can't think of HOW I'm doing it. I just remember to pray to my Father in Heaven about my writing goals and allow myself to recognize Him in the inspiration I receive or in the work I accomplish.

    Great thoughts Liz!

  4. Great Post, Liz. Being patient can be hardest part of the writing process. I agree that we need to let the Lord's hand guide us and be willing to accept His will AND His time line. I know it's been hard on you to watch others get their contracts, but I for one have to say your time is near. I've read your beautiful lyrical prose and with a tiny bit of polish and the right timing, I think you're there. HUGS

  5. Ah yes, the journey to authorhood. (is that a word?) Well I am sometimes what you would call overdramatic. I can can make a mountain out of the smallest mole hill. It's my gift. So sometimes I'm too busy overdramatizing the journey to actually enjoy it. I sob over every little obstacle. Sniffle over every snag. Agonize over every plot line. Is it any wonder that I haven't found joy in the journey? I am my own obstacle. My many prayers won't help until I'm ready to put away my old habits. That's just what I want to do. Find joy in the journey. Thanks for this post, it really helped me to see my problem.

  6. Thank you for all the comments! Its wonderful to be so embraced by many who think alike and care!

  7. Congratulations. Welcome to the ranks!



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