Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Love Rebecca J. Carlson

I am on vacation this week and was going to email Rebecca to see if she would write a post for me this week. (Oh, I'm switching with Elizabeth BTW.) And before I could write her she sent me a funny guest post. Thanks so much Rebecca!! So here it is:

Your Security Certificate Has Expired

I couldn't get Gmail to work on my computer this afternoon. Firefox kept telling me the site wasn't secure. Baloney! I uninstalled Firefox and tried again, just in case something had gotten buggy.It still didn't work! My husband came over to help. In the "Untrusted Connection" window, he clicked on the technical details.
Here's what it told us: uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on 3/27/2010 3:20 PM."Expired in 2010?

It hasn't expired yet! What's it talking about?" I asked.My husband suggested, "Looks like we have a problem with the computer's internal clock."

"Oh!" I gasped, moaned, and then buried my face in my hands. "That's it! I set the date on the computer to June 2086! That's when my book happens, and I wanted to know what dates went with what days of the week."

So if I didn't answer your e-mail today, it's only because I left my computer 77 years in the future.

-- Rebecca J. Carlson
Looking for a good book?


  1. I LOVE YOU TOO, NIKKI! Have a great vacation.

  2. LOLOLOL! I'm so cracking up right now

    But what a cool idea--seriously. I'm impressed at what a genius you are! Lol!

  3. This is sooo funny! So your book is set in 2068? Does that mean it's SciFi? I LOVE scifi! I'd love to hear a quick summary of your story.

  4. Here's my pitch for my book, Earthcrosser:

    Nathan longs for the world before the war, a world he's never seen, where machines did most of the work, and space probes explored the solar system. When he discoveres a fugitive scientist hiding out in an abandoned missile silo, Nathan learns that a dangerous asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. But will launching the missile save his crippled civilization, or plunge the world back into war?

  5. This post was hilarious!!! I'm still laughing!

  6. Hi Rebecca! Yikes, I had no idea there was a dangerous asteroid! Now that would put ole lil Vellum out of business, hu? LOL

    I LOVE your post--thank you for sharing your experience with us though I know your book WILL be published long before then! ;)



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