Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sweet and Tender Love

I had to run to the library to post this and enter the winner to our church magazine giveaway! My friend, Rich, from my writing group, happened to sit by me and did me the honors of drawing the name . . . And the winner is--


March 28th, 2009. Do you remember that day? The day when millions of our beloved young women gathered to partake of Heavenly Father's love? It was the General Young Women Meeting.

As I had signed up for a ticket to attend, I found myself surrounded by thousands of young women. Their singing was beyond anything I've ever experienced. Powerful. Uplifting. Pure. I felt Heavenly Father's love pouring down on them. I literally felt His love for them! I openly wept as I basked in the glow of the Spirit. Yes, He loves them.

It was only today that my 13 year-old daughter had to make a choice. Should she go along with the youth to do baptisms for the dead or stay? She was faced with this because she had just recently injured her foot and she feared the sting of the chlorinated water and watchful eyes.

As she presented her dilemma to our Father in Heaven, and as she began her prayer, I received another testimony so strongly that it took me back to the 28th of March. With tears streaming down my cheeks and as she closed her prayer, I gazed at my beautiful daughter.

I felt Heavenly Father's love for her. He truly loves her.

I know He loves you, too. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. When have you felt the Lord's love the strongest?


  1. One of my very favorite songs! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and testimony! I know He loves us too.

  2. Well, I already commented on this on your personal blog. It's such a beautiful post. I am so thankful for the love of the Lord in my life.

  3. When have I felt the Lord's love the strongest? When my children are singing rounds with me as we wash the dishes. When I was on bedrest, being medicated for pre-term labor and a sinus infection, and literally felt someone I could not see pick me up in their arms and hold me. When I played the harp at a friend's funeral. When I told another friend that Jesus loved her, in spite of all the troubles she was having. When I listen to my grandfather tell me stories about his life. When I see others using their talents to make beautiful things to share with God's children.

  4. This is just amazing! I already commented on your blog as well, but this just had me bawling--it's so beautiful!!!


  5. Last Monday my older daughter fell off a sled at BYU-I and hit her head so hard she had a seizure. As I was trying to get information from the hospital, I prayed and felt Him lifting me up during a very stressful time.



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