Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Blogger - Or Not

First I need to apologize for getting this up late. There was a misunderstanding with another blogger and I thought she wanted my slot. My bad.

So, because I'm literally on my way out the door, I'm reposting from my blog. Although this person was a guest on MY blog, she is certainly not here. She's like royalty among us. So without any further ado, I present.....the one.....the only.....Jenni James.

Thank you for having me Christine!

For those who don't know me... I'm Jenni James, mom to soon to be seven kiddos. No really, I have one due on Monday! Eeek! So crazy, I know.
I'm also rewriting all the Jane Austen novels for modern teens. The first book, Northanger Alibi comes out June 1st of this year!
Okay, so I was going to write an awesome guest post... but honestly, this one is my absolute favorite! So instead, I thought I'd share it with you...
I first wrote this back in 2008, just as I was at the final chapters of Persuaded, and days before I got my agent Kirsten Manges... I hope you enjoy!

Yesterday could’ve been better. I mean, don’t get me wrong it was good, just not GOOD! See what I mean, it’s all great calling yourself a writer and an author, but a whole other kettle of fish to actually be able to think long enough to write out your thoughts.
Here’s how it started. I’m at the end of a teen romance novel. So it’s of course the kissing scene. Let me show you what a good rehearsed—sans children interruption—kissing scene looks like:

Excerpt PERSUADED Chapter 16 Jenni James copyright©2008

“Oomph,” my back connected with the wall.
“Andy,” his hand was on my shoulder; his other hand reached down and gently held mine. “Don’t—don’t shut me out. Please let me say this.”
I looked up, right into dark intense eyes that were too close for comfort. My throat was so dry I couldn’t have spoken even if I wanted to.
“I want you to be happy, okay?” His fingers slowly laced through mine. “Please, be happy. It’s all I have ever wanted for you.” Gregory leaned forward then, slowly and surely he leaned so close there wasn’t a hairsbreadth between us.
Instinctively, my eyes closed--they couldn’t focus on his nearness. I could feel the warmth of his lips as they hovered just above mine. I gasped, but did not move a millimeter. I was too scared to move.
He did. I could feel Gregory’s lips as they lightly skimmed up to the tip of my nose and followed the slant gently on to my forehead, before they settled there. A long soft kiss lingered, while the tip of my nose tickled against the sensation of Gregory’s slightly stubbled jaw. He smells so good! And then my eyes fluttered open as he moved away. He stepped back, two, three steps before he felt the tug of my hand still laced through his. Gregory stopped then, and we both looked down. Carefully, I removed my fingers one by one until my hand fell motionless to my side.
“Goodbye,” he mumbled, slightly shaken.
“Bye,” another croak. I blinked. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. I few moments later I heard the front door slam shut. With a great sigh, I closed my eyes and slid down the wall and collapsed into a puddle on the floor.

YEAH! Steamiest forehead kiss ever, right? That is how a kiss scene should turn out! That, was of course, written at night, without children. When I prefer to write a good kissing scene-at night. BUT, no... Gregory HAD to kiss Amanda/Andy yesterday—during the day—(no idea what I’m talking about? refer to blog: I’m going insane!)

So this is how my day went:

PERSUADED excerpts Chapter 23 Jenni James coppyright©2008

“I can’t believe you’re here. I half expected you to be gone.”
“Hmm … Are you kidding, after that email?” My hands stilled again, this time Gregory didn’t notice.
“You liked that, did—

Son: Mom? Mom--Mom!
Me: What?
Son: Can I ask you something? It’s real important.
Me: Fine. What?
Son: Can I get a drink?
Me: Of course you can get a drink… you get drinks everyday. Now, go get your cup and use the fridge dispenser, okay?
Son: Okay!

“You liked that, did you?”
His warm breath on my cheek splayed out and caused a million tiny sparkles to dance and shiver their way down my spine. I was having a hard time concentrating. “I-I—yes. I-I liked it, very much.”
He pressed his face into my hair and—

Daughter: Mom? Mom--Mom!
Me: (Deep breath) What?
Daughter: Did you say Carson could have a drink?
Me: (Another deep breath) Yes. Anything else?
Daughter: No, that’s all. I was just wondering.
Me: Good. Now, go watch you movie.

He pressed his face into my hair and inhaled slowly. I felt his nose nuzzle its way down to my ear and then just below it, before he placed a delicate kiss there and whispered, “Andy, I’m not going to let you go. I can’t. I’ve already—

Daughter 2: Mom? Mom--Mom!
Me: What???
Daughter 2: Did you say Carson could have a drink?
Me: (Huge breath) Yes.
Daughter 2: Oh, that’s not fair. Can I have one?
Me: For crying out loud! You kids. It’s water, get a grip. WATER! YES! You can have as much water as you want. Got it? Now go watch the movie, while mommy works on this, okay?
Daughter 2: Okay!

I’ve already lost you twice. Once, because of your stubborn pride.” He kissed below my ear again sending sizzles everywhere. “And—

Son 2: Mom?
Me: WHAT?!
Son 2: Can I--?
Me: YES! You can have water! Now go!
Son 2: Uh, okay… but…
Me: (Huge breath) Yes?
Son 2: Okay, but I was wondering—if I could have lunch—I mean, I mean, after my water?
Me: What? Lunch? It’s not lunchtime! (Looks at clock 1pm—Dang!) Fine! Give me as sec, I’ll make lunch for you guys! Ten minutes! Okay? TEN! Now, watch your movie.
Son 2: Okay! Thanks, Mom.

“And once because of mine; I don’t think my heart could handle losing you a third time.”
“Your heart?” I gasped as he kissed below my ear a third time. “H-have y-you any idea what mine has been through? Knowing—

Son 3: Mom?
Son 3: Uh—
Me: What? Is someone bleeding? Is the house on fire? Are wild bulls running down the street? What?
Son 3: I was just wondering if we could have lunch--?

Thanks for being a guest on my blog, Jenni. And please know that we miss you TONS here on MMW. HUGS!!!!


  1. I love this post. I don't think I read this one before. The scenes are both great... but it sure is nice to get them out with out having to answer to children every other word.

  2. This made me laugh SO hard! I've been there! I've done that!

    But now, my youngest child is turning 5 in July, and then I'm moving to Laie, where they have all-day kindergarten. So after August 2, 2010, my kids will never need to compete with my writing ever again! HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Of course I'll probably have to eat those words.

  3. I remember when you first posted this one. It was too true to be truly funny at the time. I can definately appreciate it alot more now that all my kids are in school! Love you, Jenni!

  4. I loved the post. Sooo funny. That is exactly how mothers of small children have to write. Half the writing time is rereading what we just wrote because after all the "mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,"'s I forget what I was trying to say.

    Now that I think of it, that's sorta how married romance goes with small children too. In fact, that post could be a real life romance with all the kids lines added in. It would be very realistic.



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