Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Post---Sugoi Harris

Thanks for the guest post Sugoi! This post really struck a chord with me. It is something struggle with alot when it comes to writing. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!

Um, Writing? What's that again?

Several months ago my husband and I , after prayful consideration, decided to drop everything and move across the country with faith that something lay out here for us. Whatever that something may be is hiding from us. So to say the least I've been struggling.

For the longest time after we moved I didn't write. Not a word. I simply didn't feel like it. Which of course made my mood all the worse. I couldn't figure it out, nothing made sense to me. I thought I was following the promptings of the spirit but I couldn't help feeling like I made the biggest mistake of my life. How could I focus on my writing when I couldn't even manage to find employment? Then out of the blue it dawned on me. I wasn't stuggling to write because I was depressed, I was depressed because I was fighting the urge to write.

I realized that my Heavenly Father gave me a wonderful opportunity to focus on what I wanted and needed to do and pursue the talents that he has given me. I found it funny that writing was not only good for my mental health but my spiritual health as well.

What a relief it was to finally write again!!!! It was amazing the difference I felt when I stopped fighting it and began to write again. It didn't matter what I wrote as long as I was working on something. I failed to see that my desire and ability to write was something that I needed to do, it was something that was pleasing to my Heavenly Father and that he wanted me to develop.

So I started writing again and soon I found another sister in my ward that has always wanted to write and had story ideas but never had the confidence to write. She reminded me of me (thanks Nikki by the way). I got to share my experience with her and find a new friend! Then she told me about another sister in the stake that writes and like that I had another friend!

It's still a stuggle to write, I think that it always will be. I'm sure everyone here understands that. However, it does make a difference to struggle to write instead of letting it fall by the wayside, intentionally or not. I have been given a wonderful gift and I need to expound it. Like the three men and their talents, I can't waste my talents or bury them deep inside, I need to grow them and improve them!

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  1. I love your comparison to the men and their talents. Especially when you say we can't bury them deep inside. It is so easy to stop writing and bury that creativity!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!



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