Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heros of the Fallen, my review

David J. West, author of Heroes of the Fallen, has truly swept me into a world that he has brought forth from the dust.

It is a time of war, deception, intrigue. The Gadianton Robbers hide away in the mountains and slowly, like rabid rats to a sprawling wheat field, infest the rich cities--namely Zarahemla.

Corrupt men twist the laws as they overtake the government, hoping to bring the Robbers onto their golden streets.

No one is safe.

Join a handful of stouthearted warriors as they traverse the countryside, seeking unity to squelch the human plague.

It is a very rich, vivid, unforgettable world where the characters leap out of the pages and breathe life into the imagination. I love the people and truly feel beside them as they courageously take the roles against the corrupt leaders of their society. Others fall into their poisonous claws of deceit, and twisted to cruel will. The scenes took me from page to page, hurling me into gripping encounters.

The voice is both innovative, and riveting. With so many colorful peoples to salt this world, I found myself a bit confused as I tried to keep up with the many extraordinary names as this is written in the omniscient point of view. But because Heroes of the Fallen is well-paced, its battles gripping, and kingdoms true, I couldn't put the book down.

David makes harrowing traditions come alive to a seamless fault. He can tell a good story.

Watch the trailer!

Add Heroes of the Fallen to your library today! :)


  1. Sounds AMAZING! My son saw this review and now he really wants to read it! That's awesome! Thanks for posting this.

  2. I really appreciate the review Elizabeth-thank you very much.

  3. Hi Nikki! I'm glad he wants to read it now--Woohoo!!! I'm going to get my hubby to read it, too!

    You're very welcome, David!! :)

    I'm glad you liked it, Angie--it was good, wasn't it?



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