Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Regrets

I woke up today with the strongest feeling to write this. Lisa's post inspired me today. It was a powerful read that had me thinking about how shy I used to be at one time and how I can be even now.

How many of us are shy? There are times when I wonder if what I say/write offends anyone. Or if I sounded foolish.

As a writer, how much of our souls are we exposing? I know a huge part. We are revealing an inner piece of our hearts as we open up.

I posted this quote: "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key." Aubrie, from Flutey Words, said, "Powerful quote today. I'm wondering what my chains are...maybe my doubts?"

Wow . . .

When I started out in my writing journey, I was reluctant to share with anyone. Sure I was thrilled to tell the story by mouth, but I felt it too personal to let them read it. As time grew older, I got braver. I came out with a few wounds, but they scarred over and since then vanished. I was able to handle criticism the more I shared.

The last few years, I've faced a similar but different phase of writing. That was to let everyone know my love of writing. I would say, "I've written a book," sometime during the conversation. They would politely nod and change the subject. Then, I felt unworthy to 'own' the title of writer.

Now, it's oh so different. Writing is mine and I'm writing's. I can go up to someone and tell them that I'm writing a book and plan to it have published very soon. I don't feel shy about it anymore. It's mine. I've owned up to what I want to be without having to worry about what others may think of me.

How does your writing journey look like? How did you face your demons and finally claim that you are a writer--an aspiring author?

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  1. Simply put, I gave myself permission to fail. From there I realized, if I have the ability learn, I can do it.

  2. Oh I had the nod and polite change of subject from our children librarian of all people. Made me a little sad. I own up to writing as my own and know that I have to be VERY patient with myself if I want to reach my goals.

  3. I hope one day I can admit to people I am working on a book. Right now my fellow writer friends know, but even that was a hard admission. The one thing I am learning is that I have to learn to love and accept myself. Hard to do, but writing is like taking the accelerated course on self-discovery.

    Who knew making up stories about other people would teach me so much about myself!

    Thanks for your support and example Elizabeth.

  4. What a great post. I am super shy, and am so afraid to let people read my manuscripts. My sister is the only one I have been brave enough to share it with. I'm trying to get braver, but it's hard when you don't know anyone else around you that writes. Thank you so much for this post. I'll work on getting braver and sharing my work more.:)

  5. The admission that you are a writer must first be accepted by YOU, before anyone else will accept it. How would you respond if someone said, "Well, I'm kind of, sort of a writer. That is, I mean... I hope to someday be a writer." You automatically don't believe that person because they don't believe themselves. What if someone were to say, "I write YA fantasy books and am working on getting an agent/publisher for my book." The second person has a plan. This makes their admission more plausible. Which is what we must use to convince ourselves that we are writers. Get a plan. Have goals that allow you to see the end goal. That will allow you to admit that you really are a writer because you have the same goals as many authors you read. Convince yourself, your acceptance is what you are really looking for. Find it and you find the writer within!

  6. I remember a time when I didn't tell anyone I was a writer. When I first began to admit it, and to ask more friends to take a look at my work, I met mixed responses. I was so bad at it that some of my friends didn't know what to say! Others encouraged me to keep going.

    And, in time, I got better. And more confident.

    Now when I tell people I'm a writer, they're usually happy and excited for me, just like I'm happy and excited for their hobbies in quilting, photography, gardening, or whatever else their passion is.

  7. Good for you, Elizabeth! Thanks for a great post.

  8. Hi everyone! Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and for your thanks. ;) I really like Nikki's reply about setting plans and goals. That's so true. <3

  9. Lizzie, I really loved this post. I have been very shy about letting other people read my work. I tell people that I write and sometimes their reaction surprises me, some are interested and others are glassy eyes. But the ones that are interested always make me smile.

  10. Hi Amber, it's hard to know how people will react. Just remember this, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about your love for writing. It's a sacred thing between you and Heavenly Father!! <3



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