Monday, May 17, 2010

MMW Blogger Wanted!!!

To all our wonderful readers, we have a question for you. Would you like to join our blog as a weekly writer? We would love to have you!! Unfortunately, our Monday writer, Mary, will no longer be able to write weekly for us. She is amazing and we will miss her inspirational pep talks that always touched our hearts and our minds. But you can still catch her on her blog, Crafter's Guru.
So how do you become a MMW blogger? It's simple, first be sure that you are willing to write a post, mostly about writing, once a week. The next step is to send us a blog post that we can use as a guest post. It could be something you wrote on your personal blog or you can write one just for us. Get your posts in by May 20th. We will then pray about the person that will benefit the most from being a part of our family. Send your posts to and be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number. We will announce our newest writer the first week of June.
I suppose I should tell you why you would want to be a MMW blogger. That's easy, because our readers are the BEST! When you go to conferences and other writerly activities people come up to you and say they saw you on MMW! How awesome is that? Besides the awesome networking possibilities, as a writer on our blog you get the chance to write for a large audience that gives you wonderful feedback. This is a huge boost and step in helping you to feel like a real writer. This blog is amazing, and so are our readers! Please join us!


  1. Hey Nikki. Would you consider letting me have the Monday slot? It would be so much easier for me than the weekend, especially this summer. If not, I'll stick with Saturday. Let me know.



  2. I'm a freelance writer and have an MA in English. I'd love the chance to write for you - and I'd be happy to take the Saturday spot for Christine. I'll send you my details and a blog post to the proper address! Fingers crossed!
    Melisa Summy

  3. So happy for the interest. But we still have time for more entries. There are only 2 or 3 at the moment.
    Christine, I'm great with you having mondays. Sounds good.

  4. I'm a writer who just happens to be a mommy and a grand mommy. I'll send you a bit of information. I guess I'd better hurry.

  5. I'm throwing my hat in, too. I'm a mommy and my first book is coming out this year. I have two separate blogs--a mommy blog and an author blog--but this would be a great place to let them spill over into each other! :)



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