Friday, May 14, 2010

Promises and Expectations

Last year, my husband and I browsed the real estate market in Virginia.  We were seeking a house to fit our family and our cars.  We moved into a house with a two car garage.  In our area this is a really nice luxury.  A lot of homes don't have garages, so a two garage garage is a blessing.    It has taken some time to get the boxes cleared out.  Yesterday, I put on my working clothes and headed into the disaster zone known as our garage.  I slayed spiders; I emptied boxes; I rocked that garage. 

With at least one half of the garage sparkling and ready for my car I hopped on in.  I had been waiting for this moment since we bought the house.  If you bought a house with a two car garage would you expect to be able to at least park one of your cars in it?  So what do you do when your car is too long for your garage?

You browse the bookstores.  You are seeking for that book that has it all: romance, thrills, excitement, maybe a touch of the paranormal.  You read the back, a few sample pages and you think you have found it.  The book you have been dreaming of all your life.  You cuddle up into your favorite reading spot and you rock that book.  With over half of the book read you begin to wonder; "When this thing is going to start living up to its promises?

You and I know that unfulfilled promises leave you feeling cheated whether they are from your house, your book, or your friends.

Have you checked your book for unfulfilled promises? 

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  1. That's a great post, Amber!

    I've read too many books that had amazing first chapters, only to go downhill after page 50. I may pick up that one book by that author, but it will be hard to get me to pick up another book by the same author.

    I've got to make sure I deliver everything I promise if I want the readers to keep coming back.



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