Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies and Books

Ever since I saw the two pink lines, I've been considering such things as...

What do I name this child? (Because I need to know NOW, not months from now when the baby is born.)

What do I know about taking care of a baby? (Yes, it's my third, but my memory is short.)


What can I get done before my baby comes? That is...What can I get WRITTEN before my baby comes?

With my little girl, I had this very realistic dream about finishing my book and submitting it before she was born. I even had a great daydream that involved sitting in my L&D suite, heavily medicated, and receiving a call from Dream Agent. Well, I did finish my book, but it was far from ready for submission. So no, there wasn't a call from Dream Agent, and even if all those elements did fall into place my daydream just wouldn't have worked out because that epidural came WAY too late.

So, this time, since I learned my lesson last time, I am going to have the very realistic dream of finishing my book and submitting it before the baby is born.

Wait, same goal. Remember what I said about a short memory? Well there it is.

Has anyone had a writing goal prior to the birth of a baby? Don't you think it is sort of our way of nesting?


  1. Ha ha! I think nesting is the best scapegoat for just about anything when your prego. I say go for it. Nothing like a baby to increase your desire to finish something :)

  2. Congrats on the baby! I didn't take up writing until after I'd had all my kids.

    As far as calling it part of nesting.... of course! Some people feel motivated to clean out their house. Other's prefer to clean out a few of the stories or voices cluttering their brain. The second option sounds way more fun.

  3. I was querying when I had my baby. It actually made the time go faster, which was nice. I was looking forward to holding my baby for a few months before jumping back into my writing. Looking back, it was fantastic.

  4. Another one? Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! :)

    Yep. I vowed I'd finish a book before I had my last baby. The book got finished... er, at least the first draft did. Lol! It's much better now. :)


  5. Definitely nesting. All those pregnancies and all those writing goals just flow together now and I can't remember any specific ones. Good luck with yours though!

  6. I have a goal to finish the first draft of my first book before my baby #3 comes in October. So far I'm 1/3 through, and I have--what? FOUR MONTHS? AHHHHHHH! That's not enough time!

  7. I didn't start writing until all my kids were born, so no goals here. Now I wish I was pregnant so I could have a goal. Actually, no I don't.

    Congrats again.

  8. Hahaha! Same goal. Awesome. It's not a lack of memory thing... just call it PERSISTENCE!



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