Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make Mistakes!

I just read a blog post by J. Scott Savage that I think you all should read. It's about allowing yourself to make mistakes. I definitely needed to hear this. I'm on the second draft (ie:complete rewrite) of my WIP. I am on chapter 4 and thinking how much better those four chapters could be and despairing that my current abilities aren't up to my current standards. I was very tempted to start over...again. But that's when I get myself into trouble always starting over and never finishing a final product that I'm proud of. But if I were to give myself permission to write to the best of my ability and not set such outrageous standards, I may actually accomplish my goal. So thank you Mr. Savage for your wise advice!


  1. It has helped me so much to get rid of perfectionism when I'm drafting a story, and instead of going back and polishing, to push forward and FINISH it. Then I have a story to work with, not a blank screen. Thanks for the link to Jeff's article!



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