Monday, June 13, 2011

Words to Cherish

While teaching your child basic gospel principles, you may realize that you instilled unnecessary fear of the afterlife when your child asks:

"If I pretend the lego guy is bad will I go to Spirit Prison?"

They may also ask really deep questions that, frankly, you may not have a ready answer for, such as:

"Who do Heavenly Father and Jesus believe in? Nobody?"

Or you have to wonder what they may learn from watching you and your husband when they state:

"When I am married, my wife is going to peel my pear."

(For the record, my husband doesn't eat peeled pears, and even if he did, he'd peel his own.)

But, in the end you know something went right when he tells you, in his own way, that he felt the Spirit...

"Today in Primary I had tears in my eyes when the teacher was talking. But nobody noticed because they were too busy focusing on their jobs."


  1. LOL about the pear! Kids are so observant. If your child didn't pick the pear peeling up from you, he did somewhere. Too funny. I'm so glad those mommy moments of awkward teaching are followed by the glowy ones, such as hearing the Holy Ghost touched his heart. Those are the moments to hold on to.

  2. Kids will definitely surprise you. After my daughter was baptized she came out and said "I feel so clean."

  3. I love blog posts from kids' mouths. So funny!

  4. New here, and I'm laughing out loud about the peeled pears, and totally relating to those pay off moments. Just had one of my own last night during FHE. Great post! :)

  5. Your son sounds exceptionally smart! And CUTE!



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