Friday, June 10, 2011

From the Brain of a 12 yr old Twin

(PS--Don't judge a writer by his picture. I'm much more devious than I look)

Hello. My name is Daniel Chesley. I'm not a Mormon Mommy, but I have a Mormon Mommy--Cheri Chesley. She's kinda busy this week since we're all out of school, so I hijacked--um--borrowed the computer so I can share some of my writing today.

Ready? Here we go!

My teacher, when I was still in school, gave us a creative writing assignment. Silly teacher. He has no idea what he started. I'm the son of an author, for crying out loud!


This story has two funny words, but the main thing is:
1. If you are 10 or under,
2. If you hate ghosts or zombies,
3. Or monsters,
4. Or people being buried alive,
5. Or tragedies,
6. Or death at all,
Then you can NOT read this!

In how I rate things, this story is rated: NARFCUT, or,

Happy Reading!
R.I.P.—The previous reader of this story, hee hee.

The Story

“Ooh! A book! I love to read!” Sally opened the book. “Well, it’s not exactly a book, but I can still read.”
The Words said, “If you read these papers, you’re doomed!”
“Well, these words are absolutely not nice.” She continued. “You forever are to be cursed because you have to read! You’re the victim of the story!”
Sally immediately viewed a swarm of cockroaches crawling everywhere on her skin, eating at it.
Sally found after what could probably be five minutes, she was in a graveyard.
All of the sudden, this ghostly figure came up, grabbed her ankle and tried to drag her into its . . . . grave!
She pulled and tugged, then the figure let go of her ankle. That figure scurried on its bony hands and knees to the nearest hiding spot. That swarm of cockroaches was coming! After her! The only difference was, the cockroaches were ten times bigger than before, and they were starving!
“So there! This is how it ends! Eaten by giant monster cockroaches! Resplitterating ones!”
When zombies came out of the ground, they wanted to eat Sally as well. After the zombies and cockroaches came close, two guys and three girls came out to her rescue. They weren’t much help. A ghost came up and strangled one guy to death, monsters came up too as the ghost went down and ate two girls. The other guy and girl were eaten by the cockroaches.
Sally was alone. All the monsters, zombies, and cockroaches attacked at cone, but so much happened, that the whole story, this antagonist, yes, I’m reading the antagonist, it photoplinkeritized.
Sally was back in the attic, then, after the monsters she saw, the fright she felt, the death she witnessed, she never read the attic’s books again.


Resplitterating: V; to look at hungrily while drooling
Photoplinkeritize: V; to dispose of yourself; suicide

Now that you heard this story, “prepare the funeral, Bob!” That was my line.


  1. It was so strange and twisted that I LOVED it! Nice work, dude! ;-) (and I totally think that resplitterating and photoplinkeritize should be in the dictionary)

  2. Giant resplitterating cockroaches? Love it. Good job.



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