Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The First Door

So I've been working on a chapter by chapter synopsis of my current WIP. I finally figured out that I needed to give myself permission to know the whole story beginning to end. I've written (pantser style) into the middle so many times and gotten stuck, this time I knew a new way to finish the story was necessary.
Well, I'd gotten to the middle in the synopsis about a month ago, but reality came crashing through. I'd put it aside, not sure where to go. Yesterday, though, it finally came to me that I'd reached that point where my main character had reached the first door. What is the first door? It's that point where your main character has to make a choice...a choice that will change everything, a choice they can't take back. They walk through that door and shut it behind them.
When I realized that, and understood what choices my MC is going to make, it changed everything that comes after. And it opened all new avenues where the ideas are flowing fast and furious. And suddenly I can't wait to run with it.

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