Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday So What: Busting Up The Writer's Block

As I prepared for this week's So What, I literally said to myself, Eh... I got nothing.
Ugh. How do you get past Writer's Block?
Bing! Lightbulb. The absence of inspiration was an inspiration in itself. So today's post is dedicated to breaking up the giant brick the stops the flow of ideas.

First thing to know is that it's not just you. Don't panic. It's normal and it happens to everyone.
Second thing to know is that it's not permanent. Your brain has not been erased. Think instead of it like a kink in the hose, something stopping all your brilliant ideas that are just waiting to flow into your brain.

These are the things I do to unkink the hose. First I try to remove myself from all the stressors in my life. This usually means going for a run or locking myself in my writing cave and throwing a box of cereal at the children. If that's not enough, I will write down on a pad of paper all the things that are occupying my brain, taking up valuable creative space.

Next step would be to just write. Anything. Blog posts. Journal entries. Letters to missionaries. I actually like to write useless unimportant things. Something I can truly be creative with. This weeks exercise was writing a grocery list... if I was an alien on a planet of fish people.

Sometimes to the only way to find something is to stop looking. Like when you lose your keys and you search frantically for hours. When you give up and do something else, like laundry- voila it was in your jeans. Stop looking for your own inspiration and enjoy someone else's. This is my absolutely-works-ever-time method. Reading a favorite book or watching my favorite movie. It gets the juices flowing when nothing else does. Being immersed in someone else's creativity tickles my own I guess.

What do you have to add my list. I wanna know. I would also love any suggestions for topics for future So Whats.

You can read more of moi and my balancing act of life, and my awesome ideas for portion control.


  1. My daughter is an aspiring author. She does a vlog and one of her episodes talks about what she does...

  2. *What she does to get her writing inspiration going...

  3. I don't know that I can add anything! Your suggestions are inspired and I'm going to try them.
    The best thing I can do is just as you suggested. Stop trying to think. Read a book, watch a movie. Afterwards, it's as though my brain had a little holiday. The ideas flow. Great post!!!

  4. Great link!!! Thanks guys. Keep adding the ideas. Let me know how it goes Diane ;)

  5. Maybe it's to rid myself of doing something that's on my mind, taking up space in my brain, but I get up often to go do something. Even if it's to refill my water glass. The act of sitting down ready to go gives me the mental "back to business" mode. Thanks for sharing.



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