Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm All Alone...and Happy Father's Day!

  This marks the third and last week of writing solo for me. Ashley has been on a trip with her family and has been busy, busy, busy. I'll be honest, I have a new respect for all you solo writers out there. I have learned a little about myself as a writer these past few weeks, the number one thing being I don't think I was meant to be a solo writer. As co writers Ash and I are able to kind of hand off our work when we have brain-dead moments or writers block. We are able to share our creativity and expand on each other's ideas. One of the other things I've learned is that writing is not quite as fun for me when I'm not doing it with my partner. A good portion of the satisfaction and joy I get from writing really comes from the experience of sharing it with my sister.
  Now, on to the important part of this post.

  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I know this is typically a blog for the mommy writers, but there's plenty of daddy writers out there too.
  I'm going to take this opportunity to spotlight my own dad. I really believe I have the best dad in the world. When I think of my dad I often think of The Giving Tree. My dad would give his kids, as well as others, everything he has. He has given his children and his wife all we could ever want, we never went without. My dad taught us. We were never very good at having official Family Home Evening, but we did sit together as a family and talk. My dad often taught us at the dinner table. Some of my favorite memories are sitting around our table as a family laughing and learning together. My dad has always been such an awesome example. One of the greatest things my dad has done for our family is love my mom. My dad has truly cherished my mom and in doing so taught my sisters and myself how we should be treated.
  Now I'd like to brag a bit about my husband. He is a wonderful, amazing father. He adores his girls. He will play Barbies and drink "tea" from a little fairy tea cup. He does everything a good daddy should do. And, like my own dad, my DH adores me and treats me far better than I feel I deserve. He is the kind of husband that would move heaven and earth if it would make me happy. He is a man of integrity and a worthy priesthood holder. I hope and wish every woman could have a husband like mine. 
Happy father's day to all you dad's out there!

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