Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My total and complete apologies for the tardiness of this post. I left home today for our annual ANWA retreat, three days of writing and writerly companionship with 30 other women. The retreat is being held in Show Low, AZ, and is only about a 3 1/2 hour drive from my home. I was also in charge of getting several members of my local chapter up here.
Which would explain why my battery was dead this morning when I got in the car. I had a moment of complete panic, then started calling around until I found someone nearby to come give me a jump and get me to the repair shop so I could be on my way.
I also finished, late last night, getting my daughter ready for her Pioneer Trek this weekend. And I'm leaving my 13 year old son in charge during the day while hubby is at work.
As you can tell, it's been very busy. And I could have easily said there was no way I could leave this week. But I came to this last year, and had one of the best and most rejuvenating times writing and filling my writing bucket. I couldn't stay away. I've been looking forward to this so much I could barely stand to wait.
So we got here late, but we got here. And I would have completely forgotten this post, only Nikki is also here, and reminded me. Such is the life of a scatterbrained writer.

So here's the question: What do you do to refill your writer bucket? Retreats? Conferences? Reading blogs? Writing blogs? WRITING?


  1. Conferences and retreats are great ways. But have been lacking for me recently. But even talking with writer friends is a great help to me.

  2. So glad you came, Megan! It wouldn't have been the same without you! I love writer's conferences and retreats and writer's groups because they inspire me to get stuff done, but they also help me to meet other writers. Meeting other writers makes me feel like a real writer!



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