Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Hi all! This is Nikki and I'm back to writing on the blog. Did you miss me?  I missed writing on here and I get to tell you why. My life is crazy busy. I have four kids three of which are teenagers and two are in high school and all four participated in fall sports this year. Plus I work at a school and am involved at church and in other writer's groups and of course with MMW. Taking care of myself and doing the things I enjoy, like writing, has fallen to the wayside. And that's ok, but its time for me to remember that I am a better person when I take care of myself and like who I am. So it's time to come back to the blog because even if I'm only writing once a week, it means I'm writing. And as my husband recently told me, I'm a much happier person when I'm writing.
I first started writing a personal blog for my family about 5 years ago. In the beginning I was very guarded in my writing. Just writing what was happening in my family and posting pictures. But something happened along the way. I started to open up the more I wrote on my blog. Pretty soon I realized that when I opened up, my friends and family really started to connect to my words. I became addicted to writing more. I also learned the best posts were the ones where I let my heart show. This is when becoming a writer really started to happen for me. That was when I knew words connected me not only to other people, but to myself and who I want to become. My friend Jenni James and I reconnected on the Internet and we both began a writing journey that continues to this day. Jenni had the idea to start this blog so we could feel connected to other writers and help each other on our journeys. This blog was supposed to help others, but its really been my life line through this journey.
That's why I'm back. No matter how busy I think I am, I need to write and I need to feel connected through words, to all of you. So my advice to you is...write something. Even if it's just a comment on this blog or a facebook/Twitter status or your own blog post. Writing can become your therapy, like it has for me. And it's FREE!!


  1. Amen, sista! Welcome back (though to me you never really left!)! :-)



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