Friday, November 16, 2012

The Last Friday

Missed you last Friday. No, really. I'd much rather have been keeping up with my posting on MMW than working a double shift.

I know I've talked about this before, so I won't bore you with the details. The short version is I took a job at the local Dollar General to offset my husband's income. Then I got promoted. Then I got promoted again. Then my husband took a pay cut in the form of a job closer to home that pays less, so my income became more important. Now I'm feeling really stuck, in so many ways. The only light I see at the end of the tunnel is to write and publish enough books to create income that way so I can come back home.

Because I really don't feel like I spend a lot of time at home. Even my days off (the ones I don't get called in to work) are spent half expecting the phone to ring. I need a job that doesn't need *me* so much, but in a town of less than 10k people, the options are slim.

Now that my schedule is so insane, and I still have a home and family and those lingering dreams of writing, I've had to start seriously considering what to let go. I hate that, but it's like when you bring home a newborn and their demands take over your life. You have to decide if you're going to wash the dishes, do that load of laundry, or just snuggle the baby and see to their needs.

For me, my weekly post here at MMW has become that load of laundry I just can't get done. I hate it, but there you are. Fortunately these mommies are a strong group. They can easily carry on without me. :) I'll still be around to lurk, linger, and comment if the moment arises, but I will no longer hold that coveted Friday spot that I've loved so much.

So, thank you to MMW for giving me a place. Thank you to my readers for reading, enjoying, and commenting on my posts. Thank you for the wonderful environment we've created on this blog. And please remember me.



  1. Thank you for your posts Cheri.
    We will miss you.
    Good luck and poke your head in when you have a second

  2. Oh, Cheri I know it must be so hard for you. We will certainly miss you- you’ve been such a valuable member of our team, and so inspiring. Keep on keepin’ on and I hope that things work out for you!! I’m sure the Lord has great things in store!

  3. We will miss you! Keep writing those books so you can come back to us!

  4. :( Sad that we won't see you here every Friday. I completely understand life getting too packed though. You will always be a part of MMW. Keep Writing.

  5. Thank you for showing us an example of prioritizing our time. Good luck.



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