Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Time to Focus

     I have had a whirlwind of a week.  I've been trying to play catch up from Spring Break the previous week with my husband out of town and new things popping up all over the place.  If I was a super organized person this may not be such an issue, but I have a problem...I am SO easily distracted.  The more I read other writers' blogs the more I realize I'm not totally alone in this.  In fact it seems that quite a few other moms, writers, or just people in general have a hard time staying focused on certain tasks. 

     I'm sure you've all heard some version or another of the story of a busy mom.  She starts her day going to check the mail and as she attempts to accomplish this seemingly simple task she is distracted by all the other jobs or obstacles that pop up.  Finally by the end of the day it seems like nothing has gotten totally finished and she never checked the mail.  This, I feel, has been the story of my whole week.  I had some goals set out and I was determined to meet them.  I woke up Monday determined to accomplish everything on my to do list.  I started out picking up all the clutter and toys that were left out over the weekend.  I didn't get far before I found clothes all over the girls' bedroom floor and toothpaste smeared all over the dresser.  From there the distractions continued to sneak up on me.  The dog's water bowl needing to be filled, the towels that needed to be put away, the dishes still in the sink, finding gum in the carpet, oh and my favorite, a clogged and very full toilet.  Monday night came and once again I felt like I accomplished nothing.  I ticked off in my head the jobs I did get done and realized I had done quiet a bit, even though it wasn't originally on my list.  As I dwelled on this I thought of the list I had written down.  I hadn't spent much time looking at it once my day started.  This was my stumbling block.  When I actually look at my to do list I get a lot more done, and a bonus -it feels really good scratching things off that list. My to do list really helps me to focus, however it only works if I look at it.  Otherwise I feel like I'm just floating bouncing back and forth like a wicked game of pinball through my day. 

     By the end of the week I had actually caught up on things and I had tackled a few projects and finished them.  It's amazing what a little focus and the reminder of a helpful little to do list can do. 

Good luck to all of you this week.  I hope life's not too crazy!


  1. I was having that problem last week too. So I posted my list on facebook and told people I would check back at noon and tell what I’d accomplished. For me, accountability is huge! I have even taken “before” photos of rooms in my house and promised my friends (not everyone on fb, just friends who have agreed to be my accountability partners) “after” photos at a certain time. It’s a good motivator! :-)

  2. To do lists are wonderful! I've even been known to write down things like "get dressed" and "eat breakfast" because I know those are easy to do and scratch off! It helps me to feel accomplished. Lately though even a to do list is too much work! LOL!



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