Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Blow It Up: David Farland/Wolverton Book Bomb for Ben

Whether you know him as David Farland or David Wolverton, you are most likely aware that he is an amazing author and HUGE support to the writing community. This past week tragedy hit his family hard.
In support, a book bomb has been organized to take place tomorrow, April 10th. Just follow the links in this post to learn more.

Facebook: A Book Bomb for Ben

Blog: Help Ben Wolverton

For tomorrow, you should know that anything purchased through these Amazon links for 
Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines will help Dave. He gets a small percentage of anything purchased through those links. So, if you want to buy several other books or products tomorrow, with or without Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines, please do. 
This event can really help out Ben and Dave so spread the word.

That being said, Nikki and I have also read the books that are being blown up in the bomb and wanted to share some thoughts.

Amber's Thoughts on Nightingale:

I purchased the ebook, not the enhanced version, so I will not be able to tell you much about the newer platform.  I can tell you that  I loved Nightingale.  The book is well paced and filled with mystery, excitement, and just a touch of romance.  I love the world that Farland created.  His characters were well developed, and the solutions to the many conflicts believable.  The ending is open to more books in the series that I will definitely be reading.  Nightingale is the first book I read by David, but it will not be my last. 

Nikki's thoughts on Million Dollar Outlines:

Last week, I bought David Farland's writing book, Million Dollar Outlines. Even before this tragedy happened with David's son, I was planning on giving a review of this book on Friday. Let me tell you why. I'm a pantser, which means that when it comes to writing I like to fly by the seat of my pants. This is a thrilling way to write. You never know what's going to happen next and each twist and turn leaves you breathless to write the next part. But editing a story that I pantsed, is not fun at all! When it comes to editing my stories, I often realize there's no plot, that the setting is lacking, I often have to add characters to flesh out the story, and my characters are usually one dimensional. Which means, I get to write the story again, and usually a third time, and a fourth time, the rewrites are pretty much indefinite. To say that this becomes tiresome is an understatement. This has led me to try many different outlining techniques. But I usually find them to be so formulaic that my creative side shuts down and doesn't want to proceed. In Million Dollar Outlines, David doesn't give me an outline to use. He explains the logic behind why people read books. Why do books relieve our stress, and make life just a little bit easier to handle? Why do some books do this better than others? Why do some characters jump off the page while others are little more than a rough sketch? These are just some of the many questions that David answers in this book that has completely changed the way I see writing. I'm not new to writing. I've been around this scene for a little while at least. Not everything in this book was like a new revelation to me, but the way he explained it all, turned on a light bulb in my mind. I learn so much better when I understand the why of what I'm learning. This is what David does in this book. He tells you why to put certain things in your outlines. Part of his outlining technique includes a way for you to visually SEE your plots all together before they are even written. I'm a visual learner, so this really worked for me. This book was well worth the price and I highly recommend that anyone who is really serious about writing, buy this book. If you don't, that's just less competition for me when my wonderfully outlined books come into the publishing world!! Just kidding, sort of.


  1. What a wonderful way to help out!

  2. I did purchase the enhanced version of Nightengale for the iPad. It was pretty cool, but the story was so riveting that I actually forgot about the cool enhancements and just enjoyed the book! It's definitely worth the money!

  3. I just bought Million Dollar Outlines today and am looking forward to reading the new *improved* version. I got the original a year ago when I attended Dave's week-long writing workshop of the same name. AWESOME workshop. Dave is a great teacher and friend. Please support him by buying at least one of his books today. Thank you. :)



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