Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Talking Tuesday: CorrectingYour Focus

In writing and in life, it is quite easy to focus on the wrong things.  When I should be writing, I often find myself scrolling through facebook or pinterest.  Time gets away from me.  When it is time to fosuc on family, I am thinking about all the cleaning that should be getting done, and when it is cleaning time I turn on the TV for background noise, which leads to me sitting down.  My focus is easily pulled toward the things I should not be focusing on at that time.

This same problem can also sneak into our stories.  Instead of focusing on moving the action forward, we spend too much time telling background story.  Sometimes our side characters become more interesting than our main character. 

Whenever we find ourselves losing focus, we must make the appropriate adjustments.  It is when we can see things clearly, that we will progress forward with the things that truly matter.

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