Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flip Flops...But Not the Kind You Wear On Your Feet

I have a confession to make.  I don't watch TV.  I haven't even watched the news in quite a few years...yikes, I know.  But for me it seems to make my life a little less hectic and gives me fewer things to worry about.  As a result I rely on social media for information on the going-on's in the world.  If I happen to see something of interest I will click on its link and read.  If it happens to pique my curiosity I will sometimes Google the topic and read more.  This method also keeps me up-to-date on whatever ideas are making the rounds, trendy blog posts, or the latest meme.  Lately, though, it seems that for every article or opinion released into the world there is another to counter it almost instantly.  We live in a world of differing ideas and beliefs, and while this can be wonderful and give a great variety and excitement to life, it can also have a darker side.  
So how do we know where to stand and who to ally our own opinions and ideas?  Just in the past few weeks or so I've seen conflicting articles or posts on parenting, holiday celebrations, "easy weight loss," homeschooling, politics, media, and religion.  It can be a bit overwhelming.  Sometimes after reading some of these things I feel a bit fickle thinking, "Oh, I agree with what they're saying." Only to pull a flip-flop after reading a conflicting response and think, "I completely understand where they're coming from!"  Am I really so wishy-washy?  No.  At least not about this, and neither are any of you. (I'm not the only one who flips back and forth, right?)  The fact is every situation, every child, every background is different and can produce a different experience and opinion to go with it.  Here's my solution-
I go with my gut.
It's pretty simple.  Any time I come across one of these blog posts or articles, whether it's conflicting with anything else or not, I read it and digest it then I let it be.  When I come across something of great importance or significance that might impact me personally I take some time to think about where my own beliefs lie and if I feel negative or torn, I pray.  That seems to be a pretty safe and sure way of not getting tangled up in the sticky webs of the world.  


  1. I love how you wrote that you always thank them for their time, even after a rejection, and how that mentally and emotionally prepares you to move forward. Such a great practice!

  2. So true- there are about a million different opinions/viewpoints for every issue out there, and I have actually just stopped reading them. I realized that they just put me on edge and cause me to question myself and my methods and my beliefs, and usually make me want to get argumentative with people. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life! So unless it’s something that I am seeing really frequently and I feel I need to read it and/or say something or it’s something that I have not yet considered and feel like it might benefit me to do so, I just leave well enough alone. And I feel like so many of these articles/blog posts are actually designed to get people up in arms, and it annoys me to think that I am feeding into someone else’s agenda.

    I like your way of dealing with things, though- I guess I get more reactive than introspective. Maybe I will follow your lead. :-)



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