Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Best Things in Life are Free . . .

Wouldn’t it be great to do what we love for free? So many writers still have full time jobs, some outside of the home, while others are full time moms. We have to pay to take classes, pay to go to conferences, and pay for writing retreats.

Last Saturday I was making my social media rounds and came across two stories. The first is that Amtrack is starting a “Writers’ Residencies”. They will offer free rides on their trains to writers as long as they are writing while riding. What a brilliant idea. The article I found is HERE. They also said they will announce more information this coming week. I see writing retreats, and conferences and writing groups on board. I can’t wait to hear more.

The second story was called Write a House. They are taking vacant homes, fixing them up and donating them to struggling writers, to try to rebuild Detroit to make it a better place to live. If they stay for 24 months, they will be given the deed. You can read the story HERE. I think it is so amazing. We need more programs like this for people in the arts. There are so many struggling artists that don’t have the time or energy to put as much attention on their craft. I think we have all had late nights writing, wishing we had just a little more time or money to concentrate on our work.

Do you know of any other writing programs out there? What about free writing conferences? What are they? Let’s try to find more tools and opportunities to improve our writing.

I also just want to recognize that today March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday. In my home we love books and love to celebrate an amazing, creative author. The kids each get a new book today, bookmark and we will be watching The Lorax. For dinner we are having Green deviled eggs and Ham and funeral potatoes. I am thankful for Dr. Seuss for bringing imagination to the world. You can read my article about Dr. Seuss and Genealogy on


  1. I loooove this! I think train travel is one of the most neglected- and yet wonderful- forms of travel. I think writing on a train would be fabulous.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! :-)

  2. How cool are those programs? Hurray for supporting the arts!

  3. I do what I love for free, yes for free, why because no one will pay me to be a mum and I do love being a mum and a nanna don't get paid for that either which in a way sucks

  4. I love Dr. Seuss! He was so creative and fun. Glad to know his birthday. I will have green eggs and ham next year!



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