Monday, March 10, 2014

All Fired Up!

           It's interesting, there are times when people literally give me the exasperated look when I raise my had yet AGAIN to make another comment, and then other times when you can barely get me to open my mouth.  It got me thinking as to what makes us think and speak, and in this situation, write.  For me, anytime that I feel the spirit I am filled with all kinds of thoughts and feelings that are just bursting to get out.  I can hardly contain myself!  All of the sudden, I want to be heard!  I want others to see that I think and feel deeply, and more often than not, I just want them to feel the wonderful feelings and sensations I am feeling!  THAT is when I can barely keep my hand down, or keep up with my fingers as I am writing or typing... I LOVE that feeling!  My friends and family know then just to step back and allow me to be me.  They know that it means a lot to me.  They understand that in these moments, the real me is expressing herself.

          So what gets you going?  What makes your brain turn on and go into hyperdrive?  I can almost hear your brains whirring right now.  What inspires you?  What makes you so full of thoughts, energy and feeling that you cannot hold it in?  What gives you that feeling of wanting... no, needing to be heard?  I want you to think hard on this, because when we get to those moments where we cannot get that pencil going or keyboard warmed up to save our lives, we need something to tap into.  Not just something that makes us feel good, but something that gets us FIRED UP!! Isn't it easier to have a couple pages of  ideas to narrow down and refine, than pulling more ideas out from the mysterious void that our thoughts go to linger in limbo?

           It's kind of funny when I get all fired up, because not only does my brain go nuts, but my hands start shaking... and my heart races.  It's like the positive version of a panic attack.  I should know, I've had enough of them in my past! And then when I get them out, or on paper, I get that same almost worn out feeling afterwards.  Only in this case, it is that contented worn out feeling.  I'd pray to have these moments all the time, but I'm afraid that my body probably couldn't handle that much!

           I found out that there are several things that get me fired up, but of them the strongest are music and the spirit.  I love listening to uplifting and inspirational music.  The kind that makes your mind think, whether it's just instrumental or has lyrics.  One of my favorites is Lindsey Stirling- check her out if you haven't heard of her... this girl INSPIRES me!!  Not just because I played the violin, but the girl has gone through some intense stuff, and she has become something really great by finding strength in God and pushing through it.  And goodness is her music uplifting!  Another is The Piano Guys.  Man are they talented!  One of the reasons I love instrumental is that it gets my mind going without distracting with lyrics.

          Another thing that inspires me is listening to inspiring and intelligent talks and speakers.  I love listening to conference talks, especially since this is what I teach on once a month.  They really open up the heart and spirit to inspiration.  I also love to listen to motivational speakers.  Anthony Robbins (life coach) and Robert Kiyosaki (financial guru) are a couple of my favorites.  They are intelligent and uplifting!  The truly great ones are the people who, no matter what they are talking about, teach us truths that can be applied to many aspects of life.

Now that I've hopefully got your brain thinking about what moves you... share with us!  And once you are moved, get up and do something with it!  Thoughts without action do us no good!  Happy Monday!!


  1. I always get fired up when I feel like I have an idea that could change people’s lives by bringing them joy and happiness or by altering their mindset about something. That sounds lofty, but I know from personal experience how just one idea someone shared with me has changed my whole thinking, or made me suddenly understand something that had eluded me before. So whenever I either hear/read something that does that, or if I come up with a eureka moment from my own little thoughts, I just can’t wait to share it. :-)

  2. The best inspiration comes for me while listening to conference talks. It happens at least weekly that I find myself stuck on a writing problem, I put on a conference talk, and Bam! Problem solved. I have to stop a dozen times to get my thoughts down! Other times, though, I let the talk play out while the inspiration passes, then I relisten later. It's such a cool experience every time!

  3. Me too! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has to stop a half dozen times! lol. I really think that when we feel the spirit, our minds and hearts are open to his promptings, and he probably figures he needs to take advantage of the chance to give us as much as he can! :D

  4. I can tell! You have that kind of personality that loves to inspire and move others... we are alike in the way that we get a lot out of seeing how we can make others feel. Especially when we know what a difference it will make! You are very good at it too! :D

  5. How exciting! My mother was born in Switzerland, and her brother was impressed to see that the same "Stammbaum" of their family was in the Family History Library in SLC as was in the state museum in their home town of Davos.

  6. Yes this is exciting I have had a long fascination with family trees

  7. Oh yeah I so get this I get all fired up at times myself

  8. That is so fantastic! How exciting for you guys!

  9. I usually have to do this backwards--I have to get working on something *before* I get all fired up, and then in the process, I really get involved and interested and, like you said, "fired up." I think, for me, it's sort of God saying, "Hey, I'll help you, as soon as you do something to show you want help."

    Now that you've posted this, though, I'll definitely have to pay a little more attention to if there are other things that get me excited before I sit down to do the work.

    (I hope that all made sense.)



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