Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ack! I'm Back!

Yes, really! I'm back! I finally have internet that allows me to read and post again! YAY! I've been having such MMW withdrawls you have no idea! No really, you don't. I love this blog!

Well, we're here. It's official. We're on US soil as I type. My kids have never been more happier than they are right now. It was crazy weird to be able to show them all the wonderful things about the US that they've never seen. Vehicles, Stores, Restaurants, Signs, MOUNTAINS...But mostly our favorite was the US flag. At first, the kids started out by saying the pledge of allegiance every time we drove past a US flag, that soon got super old though, so they stopped--thank goodness! LOL! Since there were flags everywhere, they just couldn't keep up.

We also went through the Open House of the Oquirrh (pronounced Oak-ur) Mountain Temple yesterday. It was amazing! So breathlessly gorgeous! It was such an awesome moment to be able to walk through with my children and be able to point out some of my favorite places in the temple and just how special they are to me. In the sealing room we heard an amazing testimony from a converted couple about what it meant to them to be sealed forever.

Then with my eyes brimming with tears, I held my children and allowed them to look with me through the mirrors that went on for eternity.

It was one of those awesome moments I hope they never forget. We've been through so many adventures together as a family--but being in the House of the Lord and standing together like that, is definitely the ultimate adventure. The ultimate goal. And it's inspiring to see just how simply it is all put into perspective when you are standing there facing your eternity together. All at once nothing else matters, but that family unit staring back at you.

I'm so grateful to be home. It is hard to say that, because I love the idea of travelling and seeing and living amongst so many wonderful different people around the world. But I know the Lord needed us here for a reason and I know that whatever else happens in this familiar/somewhat foreign territory, the church is the same everywhere--and I'll still have my beautiful family and my peaceful temple to turn to when I need His reassurance.
PS the Open House is going on from June 1st-August 1st. It's free--you just need a reservation. Anyone, no matter their religion is welcome to come and view the inside. Just to see what a temple looks like, if you're curious. You can follow this link for reservations:


  1. May I be the first in blogging world to say, "Welcome Home." What a wonderful experience to share with your family, something you will remember for a long time.

    Can't wait to meet you.

  2. Yeah!! Jenni's back!! What a great experience at the temple. I hope we get to see you sometime, we'll have to plan something!!

  3. YAY!!!!! You're so close now (and yet so far). :) When we go to Utah in July we're going to that temple open house too. Your experience sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see you. July seems so close now. Wahoo!

  4. Christine--Thank you christine! It was so cool, I just hope my kiddos remember it. And I can't wait to meet you either!

    Nikki--LOL! Yes, I'm back! Run away while you still can! Muhahah! And definitely! We should plan something fun.

    Kasie--I know! This past spring just flew by! July will be here quicker than I know it! The temple is GORGEOUS! You'll love it!

  5. I love the USA! I can just imagine your cute kids saying the pledge over and over. :) Welcome home!



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