Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you work for your inspiration?

I have internet for one more day before we take off for our 4-day drive tomorrow, so I thought I'd try and do a quick post. I haven't been able to get much writing over the past several weeks, and I find myself feeling panicked inside. I feel like if I don't get to my stories somehow I'll lose them.

Something I find interesting about being a writer is the fact that I have inspiration at the most random times and inconvenient places, yet I'm more likely to have that inspiration when I'm disciplined about making myself write everyday. It reminds me of something my parents used to tell me: Luck comes to those who are prepared, and the harder you work the luckier you get. From a writing perspective I think it would be appropriate to say: Inspiration comes to those who work, and the harder you work the more inspired you feel. At least for me this is true. What about you?


  1. I agree. I feel like the more I work on my story the easier it flows. The longer I'm away the less likely I am to return. If you don't want to lose it you definitely need to use it.

  2. This is totally true for me. The more I create the more the flood gates of inspiration are opened to me!

  3. I find that that when I actually take the time to write and sit down to the computer, it flows. But if I'm not putting myself there, then it's harder to want to be there. Of course, then there are the days when my characters never stop talking to me! Grrr.... those are the worst/best because that's when inspiration seems to just smack me in the head and say, "Write woman! Write now!" LOL! Great post! Jenni

  4. I miss you. Come home. :) Oh, was that the question? Yes, when I force myself to write everyday, it is in my mind more and I find that the story will fill in its own details when I'm working harder at it. Did that make sense? Oh well. LOL

  5. The times I write each day, disciplining myself, are the times when the muse whispers in my ear in the inconvenient places. Shower (this is a biggie). Driving. Even at the temple. Sometimes I have to tell Muse to come back later, 'cause I'm busy.
    It works.
    Enjoy your internet fast. ;)

  6. The reason why inspiration hits when we are writing more is because we are opening ourselves up to think like writers at those moments, that's why the story haunts us the rest of the day. But the thing is about the times inspiration hits and it's inconvenient those are the most productive times. Writing is mostly mental. So the inspiration comes when your creative side knows you can't make it stop to write it all down. It knows it can just flow from scene to scene and there's nothing you can do about it. So instead of fighting it, let it go, see where it takes you and file it away for your next writing session. By the time you sit down to write it, it will be mostly done for you. My problem is that I went too long without writing everyday and now I have open myself back up to the inspiration that does come from thinking like a writer and writing on a daily basis. This was a great post. Thanks Candice, and good luck with your move!!

  7. Amber, Another thing my mom used to say, "Use it or lose it." ;)

    Mary, Yes! It is like a flood when you work. Then the task is to control the inspiration!

    Jenni, Those days always seem to come when I'm already booked solid! ARGGhh so frustrating.

    Kasie, Benjamin said to me in the saddest voice yesterday, "Mommy, I want to go home to our big house." I started to cry on the spot. :( I'll see you in just a few weeks!!

    Kristy, I will enjoy my internet fast, starting today. I think it's good to step away from time to time.

    Nikki, I think you are so right. My problem is that by the time I can get somewher to write it down I've forgetten half of what I thought up. I have to keep notebooks everywhere to jot down little reminders.



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