Monday, June 1, 2009

YOU are the Champion!!!

I had a problem and I prayed that my heart could be softened and asked for help to over come it. The next morning on Facebook (of all places) an author posted a quote that was pretty poignant to me. The quote went something like this: It is when we are tired that things we previously conquered want to be faced again.

I took that quote and applied it to my problem. I had already conquered this as a child but for some reason I did not want to conquer it. I wanted to sulk and nurse my wounds, complain and dare I say...become bitter!( I hate feeling bitter. It takes up too much needed brain power, energy and time.)

Well after reading that quote I thought,"NO!" I conquered that already and I am not conquering it again. The problem I was having became a non-issue! It is over, I had already conquered it as a child and I WILL NOT let it affect me again! Or else all of the past victories were in vain. Besides, I knew that this was an answer to my prayer.

Now I am ready. When I am tired and a past conquered problem wants to rear it's ugly head, I will just remember that quote. I have conquered it and I do not need to do it again.

So if you are down or tired and a problem wants to rear it's ugly head again just know that you already conquered it! You are the champion and there will be NO re-match!


  1. Good for you, Mary! When I'm overly tired it seems that all my past problems can come back and feel as though they are crashing down on me again. This is a good quote to remember.

  2. I like this thought. thanks for posting it. I really needed to hear it right now.

  3. That Queen song also comes to mind..."We are the champions my friend...."



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