Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friends for Life

Many of you know that Kasie (one of the other contributors) is my best friend. We were friends before either of us knew that the other was writing, so when we discovered that we were both in the middle of novels it just added another dimension to our friendship. We also happen to look alike. We get asked all the time if we're sisters (even though Kasie recently became a brunette). Here's a recent picture of us together. I think you'll see why we get mistaken for each other.
Another thing we share in common is a crazy sense of humor. It get's us in to trouble sometimes. Like the year we went to girl's camp together as leaders and were shushed by the other, older leaders. Or the time we were sitting in Sunday school together and couldn't stop giggling.

More recently we were invited to an "80's" party and decided to do our own version of the 80's. Yes, we dressed up as 80-year-old women, and no, we have no self-respect when it comes to getting a good laugh (who's going to go along with my hair-brained ideas when I move to Ohio in a week?). For your viewing enjoyment I thought I'd post a glimpse into the future of our friendship. If you really want a good laugh, blow up the group picture and check out our expressions. It makes me laugh every time!!


  1. LOLOL!! I LOVE IT!! I do know what you mean though. My friend Ruth and I were inseparable until she moved away 3 years ago. I would think up crazy ideas and she would make sure they happened (I'm terrible at follow through). It was really lonely at first when she moved, I actually didn't socialize for almost a whole year after she left. But I finally got out of my funk. We still keep in touch and she is actually here visiting this week. Our friendship seems to just pick up where it left off everytime we see each other. Jenni James is another one of those friends for me too. We can go years without being able to talk and then we just pick up where we left off. Those friendships are the treasures of life.

  2. LOL I love you!!!!!! :) Those are some awesome pics. I want to make a note that in the second one, Candi was supposed to be making a silly face like me, but instead she smiled her gorgeous smile. And if anyone wants to borrow Candi's pants when they're older, I'm sorry, I'm first in line.

    And, yes, you are in the doghouse, Candi. Not because you posted those pics, but because you wrote a post like this right before you ARE LEAVING ME!!! Whyeeee! I will go cry now.

  3. Nikki, so true. I feel so blessed to have good friends. I have no doubt that everytime I see Kasie it will be like no time has passed.

    Kasie, Those are some awesome pants!! They are going in my dress up box for sure!

  4. Great idea for an 80's party dress-up. Clever!



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