Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Do It!

I have a proposal due tomorrow but I really need to get it in today so that my agent can look it over and I can fix anything that needs to be fixed before the due date (what a concept for me..getting it done before the due date).

But I find myself wanting to look at emails, reply to blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, and even paint my house and re-design it! Anything but finish the proposal!!!

Sometimes procrastination is my monkey and I can't shake it! So I am going to post this in hopes of encouraging myself and you to JUST DO IT! Write a page or as much as you can today for at least 1 hour!!!

Lock yourself in your room and close all other programs on your computer (to avoid temptation) and get that procrastination monkey off your back!

You know you want this!!!

You want to finish that chapter or that book or that re-write, that query letter, and dare I say...that proposal!

May "The Force" be with you and good luck :)

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  1. Mary, Did you get a new agent? You are so right about fighting the distractions. I got up this morning and rewrote a chapter in WIP before I got to sorting and getting ready to move. I feel so good knowing my book was not neglected today like it has been for the past few weeks.

  2. LOL! You can do it, I know it! I feel the same way though, I have sooo much emails and stuff to go through and I keep procrastinating them. So you've inspired me. I'm going to devote the next hour just to answering blogs... I wonder how many I'll get through! LOL! Jenni

  3. Awesome! I love motivational posts! And your the best at them, Mary! Thanks.

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  5. I get procrastination-itis when I have to plan a YW lesson to teach. Sometimes it's so bad, I wait until late Saturday night to start and then I'm really not liking life Sunday morning.
    Good luck with this!
    PS: I had a typo in the last comment, so I deleted it and re-typed it here! sorry!

  6. I keep using everything as an excuse. But I figure if I can write something everyday this week, while working a 44hour week and having my sister and my best friend in town, then I can't use anymore excuses ever again...well until next week anyways!! LOL!!



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