Saturday, June 27, 2009

As Writers, Do We Procrastinate?

I'm curious about your writing habits. Do you have a routine you have to go through before you can write or do you just dive right in when the desire hits you? Do you have to make sure all the chores are done and the space is clean or can you write amongst the mess? Personally, I prefer an organized space, but when my muse starts screaming in my head, the house could be crumbling down around me and I would still be writing. Here's a fun little poem I threw together. I'm not a poet by any means, but had fun putting it together. Yes, I should have been working on my book and YES, I was procrastinating. My bad.

My Day as a Writer

My desk seems awfully cluttered, though I know I need to write.

But who can work in such a mess? I first must make it right.

It really should be easy. There isn’t much to do

Although the shelves above it could use a dusting too

The books, they are disheveled. I think I’ll organize

But not by famous author, I line them up by size

My next task will be easy, just clean the tiny keys.

And then the mouse and monitor, will polish up with ease.

It’s looking so much better, I really should be done.

Except that pile of papers, I file every one.

Now I should be ready to summon up my muse.

I sharpen all my pencils and pick a pen to use.

My notebook in the ready, I find my notes within

But now the dog is barking, before I can begin.

The napping babe is waking, there’s someone at the door.

I rise to get the infant, but trip and hit the floor.

The chair no longer upright, slams into my backside.

My favorite pair of pjs, are now ripped up the side.

The baby now is wailing, I struggle to my feet.

My writing time is over. I’ll have to claim defeat.

Until the day is over, I’ll wish I’d left the mess.

For now the real world beckons, my muse will have to rest.

By Christine Bryant


  1. I'm not sure I gave you permission but you described my daily circumstances quite nicely. LOL Christine you poem was great. I can completely relate. And I do tend to procrastinate, although unless my muse is screaming to write it now.... "we" (she and I) tend to work best in an uncluttered environment. And with a 2 year old running around that is hard to maintain.

    I love the post. Thank you.

  2. HAHAHHAH! I LOVE this Christine! This is awesome! And I don't care what you say, you are a poet!!! Jenni



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