Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday is the BEST day!

Do you know why I love Sundays so much? I mean other than because it's the day I get my Spiritual recharge again and get to hang with a bunch of awesome people... I love Sundays because they are so perfectly wonderful. And relaxing. And just plain peaceful.

Okay, so there's the odd choir practice and running like mad to finish that part for the lesson I'd forgotten AND getting all 6 of the kids ready for church without killing them first--but beyond that, there is an underlying peace that is so awesome, there is nothing that can replace Sundays.

I especially love how it's the one day i set aside that I don't work on anything, I just let it go--including my books--it's the day where I can spend time with my kids playing games and being with the family. It's also the day where I can take a nap 100% guilt free and just snooze the afternoon away.

Sundays are by far my favorite days.

So I thought I'd wish you all a happy Sunday everyone. I'm off to create princess hair-dos and see a ward I haven't lived in for 14 years or even visited for the last 5.

Ciao Daw-lings!


  1. Enjoy your Sunday! I like to visit with family on Sundays too. That is always fun.

  2. We've had so much fun staying here with my family again. It's been way too long since we've seen them. So I know where you're coming from! Jenni



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