Monday, September 14, 2009

4 Steps to Getting Out of Bed

Some days do you find it hard to get out of bed and get on with the day?

I did today! I can hardly sleep at night anymore with this big belly (I still have 2 more months left to go) and I have to fight feelings of inadequacy (as a mother of soon to be 6, homeschooling and still being creative and my books) daily.

Here are 3 little ways that seem to help me! If you have any suggestions on what works for getting you out of a funk, let us know :)

  1. Prayer: Start off with a prayer (family prayers help tremendously too)
  2. Scriptures: Read a page at least of scripture and take a moment to analyse it and really soak it in (doing this with my kids really helps me get into it when conversation is going back and forth. Even a simple discussion with a toddler helps)
  3. Testimony: Share your testimony with someone, (your children, family, friend, parents, sister, etc.). It can be short and sweet like today I shared my testimony of the spirit, after we scripture study and prayers. I wanted them to know how to recognize the spirit.
  4. Charity: Help someone! Helping your children counts too! Make sure you count that! It's important to realize that helping our family/children and even making a lunch for our husbands counts as service.

Just knowing that I can make a difference in the world, no matter how small, helps me get out of bed and repeat it all over again!

Change things up if the above 4 don't seem to help. Read from the Old Testament or even try your hand at Revelations for a change. Share your testimony with your parents or grandparents in a letter and tell them how they have inspired you. Make your favorite dessert and deliver it to someone you feel needs a boost as well!


  1. Well at first I felt like I could relate because I'm pregnant and can't get out of bed...then I read further. Yep, six kids and your home school them. I'm amazed. Thank you for the suggestions. It is easy to just get out of bed and plunge right into our day without regarding the important things. P.S. I tried to make my husband a lunch and he didn't eat it.

  2. Great list, Mary. Thanks for the reminders. Starting the day off right always makes my day more productive.

  3. Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing. :O)



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