Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun Ideas For Starting Your Own Blog

When you finally finish that book/novel/etc. your next step will be to find an agent and then a publishing company! Publishers want you to come ready made with a following (aka: hundreds to thousands who follow what you are doing on line. Be it through blogs, web pages, Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc.). A blog is a perfect place to start. Here are some suggestions on writing your own blog, while you document your writing journey:

  1. Come up with a fun catchy name or use your own name (if available) or made up location/land/ planet/ etc. for your blog.

  2. If you find pictures of your desired location of your setting then post them on your blog and write a little snippet about your imaginary location.

  3. Where to begin? Begin today and on what you are doing now. Introduce yourself and spread the word through friends and family about your new blog!

  4. Do the same for characters, style of dress, time period, homes,etc. Get your prospective readers excited about your book before it even comes out.

  5. Do book reviews on video (or write a short synopsis if you don't feel comfortable is the best way to captivate your audience) about a recent book you liked or even disliked. People want to know what the "real world" thinks of books and not just a possibly phony survey.

  6. Post a competition or raffle with prizes of some kind. Every one loves the chance to win something and get interactive with blog writers.

  7. Make a play list for fun. Readers/bloggers want to know what music you are interested in. My daughter started a playlist for different parts of her book. It helps the reader re-live the book through the writers perspective and it's fun :)

  8. Post pictures of your trials, tribulations as well as elations and successes. Remember that a picture paints a thousand words!!!

  9. If you like roll acting your book scenarios (to enable you write a situation just exactly right) then post pictures or videos on what you did that helped you write. I remember an author tel me that he got all twisted up under his desk to help him describe his character being stuck in a small cramped space. Pictures of videos of different scenarios and what you did to write them would not only inspire but entertain your readers.

  10. Up date as much as possible. If once a week works for you, then start there. If daily or 3x a week works, then go for it! Just start somewhere and don't get discouraged. Have fun! You may gain followers slowly but when your book comes out people will be dieing to see how you did it!

If you have any suggestions on some fun ways to spice up or begin your writing journey through a blog then let us know!!!! Have Fun!


  1. I know authors who do giveaways to bring in traffic. Even if they're not published, they can give away stuff that relates to their book.

  2. I think you have convinced me. I've been going back and forth between getting a blog strictly for writing or just using my family blog for two purposes. But maybe I should start a blog just for my writing. Course I should start writing again, that would probably help!!

  3. Wow, thank you for all the insight! :)



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