Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awed Inspiration

I've been mulling over a few ways on how to relate writing in conjunction with the General Relief Society Meeting on September 26th. So many wonderful things were mentioned that left me breathless.

Julie B. Beck, Relief Society General President, said that the reason for Relief Society is to teach us our responsibility in womanhood and motherhood in the Lord's plan. We can help and organize works when and where needed to build stronger sisters!

Silvia H. Allred, First Counselor, mentioned that we can enrich homes and strengthen lives and bond friendships with everyone we meet.

Barbara Thompson, Second Counselor, felt strongly how we should stand for truth and righteousness. To let our voices be heard as sisters in Zion.

President Henry B. Eyring expressed in awe the charity that fills every sister in the Relief Society. He wants us to cherish and watch for one another.

Every single one of their gentle teachings urges us to become better daughters of our Heavenly Father as it applies to our everyday lives. I feel with all of my heart, that every one of those principles mentioned above, can be just as easily applied to our writing.

We build stronger sisters with our writing. We enrich homes with our writing. We let our voices be heard with our writing. We cherish and watch for one another with our writing.

I am very grateful to be part of the Lord's plan and for the opportunity be be a part of Mormon Mommy Writers. It humbles me that I would be taken under their wing to share my experiences as well as my testimony in so many small ways. I look forward to the day when I become a published author so that I can spread my joy in the wonderful ways of fiction as our Christine just has!

"Never suppress a generous thought."
Can anyone tell me who quoted that and what does it mean to you?


  1. oooo, that last quote cuts me to quick. There are so many times I've thought, I should write a quick note to a sister, or help someone in someway, but because I don't know them too well, I dismiss the thought. I use the age old quote, "It's the thought that counts" to asuage my guilty conscience. This has also been the case with my writing as well. So many good intentions when it comes to writing. I get impressions on contests I should enter, articles I should write and submit, but fear paralyzes me and I miss deadlines or talk myself out of it. Thanks for your post, this is definately something I need to work on. I'm so glad your on our blog now too. I know it sounds sad, but this blog is sometimes the most social interaction I get between taking the kids to school, working from home, and trying to write in the remaining time. So I really love getting hear and get to know all of you.

  2. thank you for your sweet comment!
    I know what you mean about online social life! it goes the same for me. I hunger for friendships that can be nurtured out of the computer setting, but I feel it a blessing as well.
    One thing at a time, right?

  3. That quote was from Sister Beck. It means that it was good for me to call my friend who is struggling with foreclosure on her house just to give her a few cheerful words, even though I can't pay her mortgage or let her family move in with us. It means I shouldn't have shrunk in fear and kept loading the dishwasher this morning when I thought I ought to run out and invite the woman who had come to pick up my kids for school to our Stake Luau which is coming up in two weeks (happily I'll have eleven more chances on that one).



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