Monday, May 9, 2011

Acid Rots Teeth, In Case You Want To Know

Some days you might think you have this mothering thing ALL figured out. Then...your son gets nine cavities. But not from too much juice or chewy candies. That would be easy. He gets nine cavities from acid reflux.

You see, for weeks my son has been making this burping noise. I thought he was just a kid that discovered he could make himself burp. Because you know, burping is SO cool. But all this time, he was dealing with something bigger than a bad habit (which is what I called it) (which makes me a very sensitive mother) (who is prone to sarcasm). So now we are going to see a GI specialist...and another dentist to be sure First Dentist really needs to do ALL that work to a little guy who is going to lose all his teeth in six years.

I may have been a little anxious about this the last few days. What if this is a chronic problem for him? Will he have to be on medication for long? And oh those dental bills! (I've had a pretty healthy existence, so a little stomach acid threw me through a mothering loop.) But my son, my faitful little soon as we got home from the dentist he asked for a Priesthood blessing.

Children are so good at putting life into perspective.


  1. Children are SO good at perspective! Hang in there. My daughter (now twelve) had massive dental work on her baby teeth because she had 'weakened enamel'. Her permanent teeth came in perfect. But at the time it was a lot of grief and $$. Kids! It's a good thing we love 'em.

  2. Well I just discovered today that Family Dentists are by far less aggressive than Pediatric Dentists. So there is a helpful tip to all you moms out there. And Tamara-that's hopeful to know your daughter's permanent teeth were okay :)



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