Friday, May 27, 2011

I was Almost on the News

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Now about that silly "Cheri on the news" thing. :)

Wednesday, I was the keynote speaker for Valley Jr High's Liger Pride Night in WVC, UT. As impressive as that sounds, I had a captive audience of about 20 people. Which is fine--I don't want you to think I'm complaining, because I had a great time. At my 2 min warning (son was there to help me not speak over time) a guy with a huge camera showed up at the back of the room and turned on the camera--right at me. Then he folded it up and came down to the front of the room (in the corner) and filmed the audience. He also interviewed the evening's coordinator, Ann Riding--school media specialist.

We made a special effort to watch KSL 5's 10pm news Wed night, but since Wednesday ended up being such a big news day (think Elizabeth Smart, flooding, and more wet weather), our little "fluff" piece got about twenty seconds and no video. Oh well. I can't expect the first time one of those big, clunky cameras is trained on me to be the first time I end up on the news, right? lol

And just for laughs (because you can feel free to laugh at my expense), I'll share with you what my brother said when I asked him to TiVo the news for me "just in case." He asked, "Hit and run? DUI? What did you do?!"

You gotta love family!


  1. I think our families must be related. I recently had an adventure in Jamaica. I wrote to my family that I had been put in the cage with angry Jamaicans and my family wanted to know what I had done to make them mad? It's against the law to bury family in the back yard so I guess I got to love them.

  2. My dad was on the evening news once... because he accidentally burnt down the Gosner Cheese Plant. Just cuz there's a shiny camera in your face, doesn't mean it'll make you look good, LOL!

  3. Oh, Cheri. that sounds like something my brother would say. And what a fun story.



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