Friday, May 20, 2011

E-books, Contests, and Things

by Cheri Chesley

I know I'm probably boring you to tears with my e-book announcements, so I won't bug you anymore. No, really. twisted my arm. :)

The Wild Queen e-book is live on Smashwords, and Amazon. It even showed up on Goodreads today.

You've also been getting reminders about our Totally Cliche Contest. If you need a reminder, click HERE for the guidelines. I'm totally excited to read everyone's submissions, so make sure you get them in before the deadline!

Today, I spontaneously decided to take my daughter for a drive. We ended up going to a few stores, but on the way home we got to talking and ended up plotting out a fun story about kids and trolls and missing socks. I think--just for kicks--I'm going to write it out with her and see what happens. It'll be fun, and something we can do together.

For those of you following the story, my friend Rebecca (who I'm donating my book proceeds to this summer to help pay her medical costs) had her mastectomy last Friday. She stayed in the hospital some of Saturday and was home Sunday when we picked up her kids for church. Her middle child is a real cuddler. I didn't realize. :) She went in Monday to have her bandages removed, and confessed she really wasn't ready to see underneath the bandages. I feel for her. In explaining what she had done (in some broad terms) to my kids, I told them she was having a body part removed--and that's not exactly outpatient surgery. Through it all, though, at least on her Facebook posts, she's been able to keep her sense of humor. I talked to her briefly Tuesday, but I hope to talk to her more over the weekend.

I also got permission from my Relief Society president (who cleared it with the bishop) to let the ladies in the ward know about my books-as-fundraisers idea. It's kind of tricky because of the whole "we can't been seen as endorsing media" thing, and I certainly don't want to go about this the wrong way. Hopefully I can get them to help spread the word, and buy books and e-books. Maybe I can compose an email they can pass along. Ooh! Maybe it'll go viral! (don't worry, I'm safely back on the ground, now).

Incidentally, I put up an ad on Facebook for an imagination wrangler. If you know anyone who wants rotten hours, no paid overtime, and terrible pay, send them my way.


  1. I'm glad your friend is okay, and imagination wrangler???? What is that?

  2. Okay might be a little misleading. She starts chemo soon. But, an imagination wrangler is the person I would hire to keep my overactive imagination in check. I've had a HUGE influx of ideas lately...



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