Friday, May 13, 2011

For a Good Cause

This is less of a post and more of a plea.

Wednesday, my friend Becky found out she has breast cancer. She’s 35, just like me. Today, Friday, she’s having a mastectomy. Her husband just had back surgery a few weeks ago and has been recovering.

I hate feeling helpless. And right now I completely identify with what they are going through. Their medical bills will bury them if something is not done. So I decided I’m going to help them. And here is your opportunity to join in the fun.

From now until the end of August 2011, I am donating every penny I make through my books to help Becky pay her medical bills. Every penny. So if you’ve ever though about checking out an e-book, now is the perfect time. In purchasing one of my books, you will help give this family hope for the future.

Becky’s doctors are hopeful they’ve caught the cancer early enough that they can eradicate it, but it’s no secret the surgery and procedures are expensive. Help this family. And enjoy a fun read in the process. It’s my prayer you will.

My website’s books page has all the links you need to find a copy of my book to purchase. Don’t be shy. I’ve heard pretty good things about these books from readers. :) And every penny I collect through August 31st goes to Becky. Click HERE to access my website.

If you’d prefer, direct purchase links are below. Thank you.

You can look up The Wild Queen or Ghost Bride on or if you prefer to purchase directly from those sites for your Kindle or Nook.

Here are the Smashwords purchase links for both books:

Ghost Bride HERE. It's a short ghost story.

The Wild Queen HERE. This is the story of King Gregory's parents (King Gregory from The Peasant Queen) and gives you a glimpse into what made him the tyrant he'd become.

And, of course, I think Amazon currently has the best price for The Peasant Queen, if you'd rather purchase it online than at a bookstore. Click HERE. This is the story of the peasant, Krystal, who fights for her freedom and that of the entire kingdom of Fayterra.

I'd appreciate you spreading the word far and wide. I will do all I can on my end as well.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I thought I was having a bad day until I read your post. Not thinking that anymore. I'll spread the word as best I can.

  2. What a great cause! I hadn't purchased Ghost Bride yet, so I went and did that just now--what a great cause to support.

    I love that you're donating your profits to your friend. Thank you for the example.



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